Never Be His Option, Be His Only

Is being a man’s back up good enough for you?

By: Taren Vaughan

There are some men out there that just are not satisfied with being with just one girl. They have to have multiple females to choose from. Be that as it may, this man still wants to have his cake and eat it too. So he designates one of his many options his “main girl” while the other women he runs around with are just secondary. This label that he has attached your name with has led you to believe that you have the ultimate clout when it comes to him. As his number one, you are convinced that you are the girl that means the most and the fact that he has other females on deck doesn’t even faze you like that. But should it though? Should you be content with being the “primary chick,” knowing that your guy has other females?

“They don’t mean anything to him so I’m not sweating it.” If you stand by this quote, it’s reality check time honey. Truth is it does matter. The fact that he is involved with multiple women other than you means that he is technically not yours to begin with. His obligations are in several different places, regardless of the fact that he is telling you that you are his main squeeze. But as long as you get the most shine, you see no problem with the position that you are in.

You are probably asking yourself: What woman out there would be happy with this? I assure you that there are more women who are content with this than you think. Some women are actually okay with knowing that the guy that they are dealing with has other females that he kicks it with other than them. And these men assure them that they are “the one” while everyone else is just there to pass the time.

The sad truth is some of us are just fine with being a man’s “main girl.” You know, the woman that he claims, the one that he spends his money on and one day wants to really settle down with, so he says. Meanwhile, all of his other women are kept under wraps, only being revealed to the world if absolutely necessary. Why would you settle for being his primary chick? Don’t you deserve to be his one and only? There should be no other women in the picture if he is truly serious about you like he says he is.

Being number one on a guy’s list simply means that you are ahead of several other women on his roster. If a man is serious about you, then he will not have a boatload of women in addition to you. And furthermore, he will not make you feel like you have to compete to keep your “rightful” position. Truly being the number one woman in a man’s life, besides his mother of course, means that you are just that; the only one. And until all the other females are out of the picture, you will never be his only but simply his best option.

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  1. Preach! So many women are cool with the fact that their man is sleeping around. The truth is, he's not yours if he's dipping into someone else. And newsflash: this behavior won't change after you get married! He'll cheat then too. Men aren't too big on changing.

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