What Lies Beneath Your Sheets? It Could Be Bed Bugs

Residents in Canton, Ohio Battle These Pesky Creatures

By: Taren Vaughan

Summer is slowly winding down. And the mosquitoes and flies are still flooding the air. Having to constantly swat them away from your plates is beyond annoying. Not to mention the lovely bite marks that they leave, making us itch uncontrollably. Although these flying pests may be hard to deal with, how would you feel if they were crawling in your bed at night?

Residents of Canton, Ohio would give anything to have just a mere mosquito problem. According to Robert Geltz, owner of State Termite and Pest Solutions in the city, he has received numerous complaints about not roaches or termites, but bed bugs. When you hear the words “bed bug”, you automatically assume that they are limited to the bed. But you can actually catch them roaming around on other popular household items. And due to their microscopic size, you can’t simply catch them running across your TV screen.

So if they can’t be seen with the naked eye, how can we track these little critters down?

Grabbing a can of Raid and going to work seems to be the best solution to the problem. Unfortunately, bed bugs can withstand anything that pesticides have to offer. You could spray them for hours on end. And they would still be alive and well. And as they may be small in size, one woman says that their bite is pretty vicious:

“It’s bad. When I mean they bite you, they bite you. You itch. It’s worse than a mosquito bite”

It’s hard to imagine their bites being worse than a mosquito’s. But many people have claimed that to be true. Health Department reps in Canton say that there is no need to get overly worked up about bed bugs as there are a number of different ways to handle them. Avoiding thrift store threads is one of the best ways to dodge a bed bug infestation in your home. Yes, it will cause you to spend more money on clothes and furniture but it will be well worth it. Thoroughly inspecting your sofa cushions and mattresses is another way to track down bed bugs. College students should especially take heed to this tip as dorm rooms are the havens for bed bugs and germs of all kind. Bed bugs can be hard to eliminate completely, but minimizing the number of them can be done.

Source: Canton Rep

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