Sound Off: Readers Speak on T.I. & Tiny, Bristol Palin, & Lil’ Kim

T.I. and Tiny, the Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde?

“Everyone always talks about how unattractive Tiny is, and how she doesn’t deserve T.I. because she’s not pretty. But my thing is, what does looks really have to do with any of this? Both of these people seem to be into the same things, and have the same issues…drugs! If anything, both need help. I really want things to work out for them because there are children involved. It’s not helping the kids to have a felon for a father. Yeah, he’s rich, but it won’t matter if he’s not at home because he’s in a prison somewhere.” – Malia T, age 30, Washington D.C.

“It really seems like Tiny will accept just about anything T.I. puts her through. I live in Atlanta, and I’ve always heard rumors that T.I. likes threesomes and Tiny allows it because she doesn’t want to lose him. I don’t know how true that is, but it does seem like she may have low self esteem. It took T.I. so long to marry her, and now they both might be in some serious trouble. I think Tiny is a sweet person and she deserves so much better.” – Triecie, age 23, Atlanta, GA

“I don’t mean to be harsh, but both are idiots. T.I. just got out of prison, so why on earth would you be cruising a high profile strip in LA with illegal drugs in the car? It was just stupid all around. And this isn’t the first time they’ve been busted with drugs. I hope for the sake of their kids that they get their life in order. They have too much to lose to make such poor decisions.” – Layla, age 27, Richmond, VA

If Bristol Palin was black and had Obama for a father, would she be on Dancing With The Stars?

“It’s no doubt in my mind that if Bristol Palin was a sister, that she would have been labeled as a disgrace, and caused her mother her political career. It’s such a double standard how a white teenage mother gets so much praise, but the Obama girls get criticized for just about anything. Bristol is like the face for teenage pregnancy, and getting paid well for it. If the Obama girls did the same thing, I guarantee you Obama’s political career would have ended a long time ago.” – Melanie, age 20, Flint, MI

“Oh please, since when have the Republicans ever played fair? We all know that Sasha and Malia couldn’t get knocked up without ridicule. But in a way, it only works in their favor. They’ll amount to much more than Bristol since the standards are higher for them. Yeah, it sucks, but in a way, it’s a good thing too. Bristol will just be a teenage mother who got the boot from Dancing With The Stars, while Sasha and Malia will end up with degrees at some prestigious college somewhere, running Fortune 500 companies.” – Dee, age 26, Charlotte, NC

In the Age of Nicki Minaj, is Lil’ Kim Washed Up?

“Yes! Lil’ Kim’s career is over. She was dope back in the day, but now she just seems bitter and childish to me. Yeah Nicki bit some of her style, but why is she putting so much energy into dissing Nicki Minaj? It’s stupid. Nicki’s getting feature after feature and awards, but she’s [Kim] throwing shade in interviews and talking about homage. And the little music that she is making sucks! I’m disappointed in Kim, but maybe if she didn’t go after who’s hot right now, she’d be in a better position.” – Kelly, age 32, Houston, TX

“Nicki has surpassed Kim without even having an album. When the numbers come out for Pink Friday, Lil’ Kim will want to crawl under a rock and pray for better lyrics. Minaj is the future of Hip Hop, rather people like it or not. She’s young, and she has room to improve and deepen her image. And I believe she will do both, while Lil’ Kim remains stagnant.” – Andrea, age 21, Decatur, GA

“In 5 years we won’t even know where Nicki Minaj is. She’s overrated, and clearly had to study Kim and Missy Elliott prior to walking out in public. Kim ain’t washed up, she just needs to get her priorities in check. Even though Minaj is garbage, there’s no need to waste time dragging her name in the mud.”- Yvette, age 32, Raleigh, NC

“Okay so because Nicki is the only female rapper in the limelight, it has to stay that way? That’s dumb to me. There can be other female rappers making music while Minaj is in the game. No, Kim is not washed up, and none of the other female rappers are washed up either. If they come back and make good music, I’ll support any of them. I think it’s stupid that these young kids only feel it should be one female rapper at one time. In my day, we had several to choose from. And that’s really what Hip Hop needs. Music needs diversity!” – Kimberly, age 38, Chicago, IL

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