Vick’s Spark Not Enough To Hold off Green Bay

By: Taren Vaughan

Michael Vick is used to playing first string quarterback as he did as an Atlanta Falcon. But when suited up in a Philly uniform, he has had to humble himself in a big way, as he played behind the likes of Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb. With no McNabb in the line-up and an injured Kolb, Vick was given the opportunity to get some game changing PT.

Vick finished with 175 yards passing and ran for 103 in the Eagles’ loss against the Green Bay Packers. Many were impressed by his performance including Eagles’ Coach Andy Reid:

“I thought Michael was phenomenal,” “He brought the team back, he kept his poise.”

Although Vick did put on one hell of a show, Reid assured everyone that Kolb will be returning as first string quarterback for now. Eagles’ fans shouldn’t be too disappointed with that though. Not many teams out there can say that they have a second string quarterback of the caliber of Michael Vick. Even with their rally late in the game, Philadelphia was unable to fully catch up to Green Bay.

Where there appeared to be no one to stop Vick, no one from the Eagles could successfully slow down Green Bay’s offense. Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for a couple touchdown passes, one of which was caught by Donald Driver which gave Green Bay the 10-3 lead. Ryan Grant ignited an 86-yard drive during the game. And Greg Jennings’ one-handed catch for a gain of 16 yards was also duly noted. Although Rodgers claimed that he wasn’t on his best game, I don’t think fans really noticed too much. Who’s Brett Favre again?

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