VMA Fashion: Who Shined and Who Disappointed?

By: Amanda Anderson

Best VMA Look of the Night: Ciara

There were lots of fabulous red carpet looks, as well as lots of ridiculous looks amongst Black Hollywood at last night’s VMAs. We all may have our own take of what good fashion may be, but for me, it’s a look that has the perfect blend of classic and trendy. And R&B starlet Ciara embodied all of that and more in a black lace Givenchy gown.

There are a few reasons why Ciara nailed this look. For one thing, the dress showed off Ciara’s legendary set of legs, and the lace bodice and beautiful feathers looked gorgeous on her toned physique. My own digression would be her choice of shoes, which happened to be nude Givenchy platforms. Now I am aware that platforms are Ciara’s fashion addiction, but they did not compliment this look, instead they stuck out like a last minute fashion decision gone horribly wrong. Platforms were not a good choice with this dress.

Despite the platforms, this is my pick for best dressed amongst Black Hollywood.

Honorable Mention: Rosario Dawson Stays True to the Trends

I wanted to blow a few fashion kisses to Rosario Dawson for taking heed to some major fall fashion trends, as well as some beauty favorites as well.

Rosario Dawson rocked a blue leather Herve Ledger body fitting dress, and a gorgeous red lip that gave me life. A simple hair do and matching set of red nails completed her look. As I say religiously, a gorgeous woman can never go wrong with some great nail polish and a bad ass red lip. Case in point.

Biggest Disappointment of the Night: Rihanna

I’m always one to gush over Rihanna’s sick wardrobe, but last night left much desired for fashion editors everywhere. Rihanna opted for a ballerina look, with a white tutu, lace bodice, sequined head band and Madonna inspired cross necklace. This look has been done, fried, and duplicated way too many times. It wasn’t very stylish, but somewhat amateurish for a style maven such as Rihanna.

The headband was also two seasons ago, and the red hair (which is longer in length) is starting to be more redundant than chic. But I’m pretty sure Rihanna is allowed a few fashion blunders amidst a couple years of style domination.

When Fashion and Cosmetics Go Wrong: Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille showed up on the red carpet of the VMAs with a multi colored and mutli sequined dress designed by Shane Peacock. This look was wrong in so many ways. The design itself made the beautiful Eva look as if she was planning to flap her wings and fly away at any moment. Mult-color can be fabulous if executed well, but this was just a disaster and poorly executed by Eva.

On a beauty tip, I’m not a fan of blonde hair, but there’s a way to work it. Eva’s choice in makeup contrasted something serious with her blonde hair and natural skin tone. White nails may be in, but they created more havoc than anything to this look.

What have we learned?

1, When opting for dramatic hair colors like red and blonde, choose makeup that is going to compliment your overall look.

2. There’s a classic way to look trendy, and that’s by keeping it simple. Sometimes one or two trends is enough to turn heads.

3. Platforms may be addictive, but they don’t compliment every look. Sometimes it’s just better to skip the platforms and opt for the classic stiletto instead.


  1. Thank you! Some other sites were praising Eva for that dress. It's not flattering at all! And the blonde hair and makeup don't work well together. There's nothing great about her look. Ciara did look great minus the platforms (does she wear any other type of shoes?) and I do think Rosario looked really pretty. Oh and Rihanna looked ridiculous. Such a downgrade for her.

  2. This is the first time I have ever felt like Ciara looked fabulous. But those platforms are killing me softly. Eva looks like a peacock (interesting that the designer's last name was Peacock)although she's still a beautiful woman, and Rihanna looks like she attempted to dress herself for once. Epic fail Rihanna, epic fail. I've never been so disappointed.

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