Your Fall Season Beauty Guide

The hottest beauty trends of Fall 2010.

By: Amanda Anderson

Fall is rapidly approaching, and as we watch fabulous summer fashion fade away to a mere memory, we also must shift our glam gears to the fall 2010 beauty trends as well. Just like fashion, beauty trends repeat some seasons, and sometimes bolder is better, depending on the right palettes and techniques. You’ll need a bit of confidence to pull of some looks, and as always, you’ll have to keep your complexion in mind when considering which colors will be the hottest this season.

With no further ado, here are the fall 2010 beauty trends you will see plenty of this season.

The Classic Red Lip

Singer Rihanna is notorious for the red lip

Red lipstick has always been deemed too hard for most women of color to pull off, but with the right shade of red, any black woman can get the most out of this trend. While the brand means very little in comparison to the shade, black women as a whole fair better with deeper reds. Different complexion types do better with different shades of red, but as a rule of thumb; reds with orange undertones look better on lighter shade sisters, while burgundies and deeper reds look better on darker toned women, and reds with blue undertones fair better on the in between brown sisters. To get a better idea on how any lip color will look on you, always do the finger tip test, and apply a small amount of the color to your finger tips. This will give you an accurate idea of how the color will look on you since our lips and fingertips are the same texture and tone.

Tip: If you’re not into red lipstick, shades of burnt orange and browns will be just as popular as the red lip.

Dramatic Liner

Zac Posen Fall 2010

This season, heavy eyeliner is all the rage and essential to the beauty addicts aspiring to emulate runway beauty trends. Heavy application of eyeliner, especially below the lids will be a very popular fall 2010 beauty trend. The key with this look is to forsake perfect lines, and go for thicker, messier lines instead.

Tip: Glittery browns and blues will finish off the look, so don’t forget to use a dab of these types of shadows to add a little glam to such an edgy look.

Heavy Eyeshadow

Go bold like Solange and apply shadow up to the brow

Eyeshadow is no longer just for those that crave constraint, it’s now the ultimate beauty weapon for those who are willing to brush outside of the lines, and even outside the eyelids. Expect to see eyeshadow applied all the way up to the brow.

Tip: Lighter eye shadows such as fabulous pastels will work perfectly with this look.

Nude and Natural

Alexander Wang Fall 2010

The runway was filled with many gorgeous nude faces, with the only hint of makeup being a little mascara and eyeshadow all the way up to the brow.

Tip: Clear or nude lip gloss will finish the look. To add a little drama, pair the red lip with a bare face.

Bigger Eyebrows

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2010

This fall, bigger eyebrows will be a hit. Many high end fashion designers opted to fill in the eyebrows of their models, hence creating the fuller and more fabulous brow. With a great liner, pencil in the classic eyebrow shape.

Tip: To keep from going too dramatic, use an eyeliner that’s only a couple shades darker than your natural eyebrows.

Now that you know the hottest fall 2010 beauty trends, be sure to rock the trend that speaks to your own individual style.

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