Ray Lewis And The Ravens Shut Down NY Jets

By: Taren Vaughan

Anytime someone pulls your card, what is your first response? To shut them down and prove them wrong right? And that is exactly what the Baltimore Ravens did last night, beating the New York Jets on their home turf. The Ravens’ defense, fueled by one of the NFL’s most vicious linebackers known to the grid iron Ray Lewis, threw quarterback Mark Sanchez off his game, limiting him to just 74 yards passing.

The night didn’t go completely wrong for the Jets thanks to cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who intercepted a pass thrown by Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco and ran for 66 yards all the way down to the Ravens’ 31 yard line. Cromartie’s run however was shortly followed by teammate Shonn Greene losing the ball, resulting in a 7-6 half score in favor of Baltimore. Aside from the picked off pass, Flacco had a solid game, finishing 20 for 38 for 248 yards.

The New York Jets talked a good game. And fans were assured that they would pull out a win in Monday night’s game, chanting and cheering all decked out in their Jets paraphernalia. But did they forget who they were playing? According to Lewis, “Anytime you challenge a warrior, a warrior is always going to respond”. It looks like the Ravens responded loud and clear with a final score of 10-9.

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