I’m Not In The Mood…Seriously: Studies Prove Women Lack Sex Drive

Research shows that many women have low libidos.

By: Taren Vaughan

As we get up in age, it becomes harder to get in the mood for sex like you used to. Not to say that it is a thing of the past, and never to be experienced again, but how depressing would that be? The thoughts of sex still linger in the minds of both the young and the old with the same frequency. The only bad part about that is our body parts don’t always follow suit. Luckily for men who struggle in this area, their saving grace comes in the form of a pill. One tablet of Viagra and they are well on their way to sexual bliss. Since men have always been at the forefront when it comes to having low libidos, not many people would think that women struggle as much or even more in this area. But researchers have revealed that there are a number of us out there that have a hard time getting in the mood and are very unhappy about it.

According to a study conducted by PRESIDE (Prevalence of Female Sexual Problems Associated with Distress and Determinants of Treatment Seeking), nearly 40% (38.7% to be exact) of women suffer from low libidos. Not an outrageously high number, but enough to make you ask, why are women having these problems?

It has been said that it is much easier for a woman to feel lonely versus a man, which can contribute to her absence of sexual urges. It actually makes perfect sense actually if you think about it. Women like affection and love to be around people that make us feel wanted and special. And when that doesn’t happen, the loneliness kicks in. Furthermore, women don’t enjoy discusses our unproductive sex lives with each other. Good ones yes, horrible ones, no. For some of us, discussing our sexual frustrations with health experts is too uncomfortable too:

So many of my patients have told me, ‘I’ve had your card for a year and a half, but I’ve been too scared and embarrassed to come in,” says Brooke Faught, a nurse practitioner of Women’s Institute for Sexual Health.

Maybe that’s why there was that extra push for the FDA to come out with a “magic pill” for us. Even with the hopes of a female form of Viagra hitting the market, it was said that it is not as effective as the male version, so back to the drawing board on that one. Discovering a distinct way to cure women of their lack of interest in sex is not an easy task to conquer for a number of reasons. There are way too many underlying factors as to why women have a hard time getting in the mood. And it’s not always due to a bad lover. Hormone imbalances, mostly caused by taking birth control pills, are some of the biggest things that affect our sex drive. So basically, you stop taking oral contraceptives, have a sex drive that’s through the roof but run the risk of getting pregnant. Or you keep taking them and remain completely miserable, craving the action that your mind wants but your body doesn’t. Sounds like a no win situation to me.

Male sexual dysfunction has been researched for years, which has led to the production of several pills that successfully help them with this problem. And now after years of sexual frustration, many women want as researchers call it that “quick fix.” But it’s just not that easy for us to have a pill that will help us with our libido troubles.

All this talk of women lacking sex drive may lead someone to think that maybe it’s just that women don’t like sex as much as men do. Let me interject here. That thought is absolutely incorrect. We do like sex just as much as men do; some of us even more than they do. Women just have a way of subtleness when it comes to sex that most men don’t have. But it is very true that just like men, there are women out there who find it challenging to get themselves fired up for sex. And with enough research and a commitment to providing answers, just maybe women everywhere can get a step closer to healthier sex lives.

Source: USA Today

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