Put Others First In Your Prayers

When talking to God, others should come first sometimes.

By: Taren Vaughan

Everybody, no matter how perfect you think your life may be, needs prayer. We should all take time out during the day or night which ever you prefer to pray for ourselves. Pray for peace of mind, good health and overall wellbeing. A lot of times, voicing our own concerns and our hearts’ desires to God is first priority to us when we begin to pray. But there are points where we have to place our prayers on the back burner for a second and put someone else first.

Putting other people first in your prayers is something we should do from time to time, especially when you know in your heart that there are people out there that need that miracle to happen for them. They need that assurance that God is always there for them and will never leave their side. For the time that you take to pray for others is very important because there are individuals out there who really don’t know the true power behind prayer. And some individuals really just don’t know how to pray for themselves. Yes, they want God to make situations better for them. But they don’t know quite how to go about asking Him for help. So they need you to get the ball rolling for them.

Having your prayers centered on other people is a very selfless act but in the process of doing so, you shouldn’t totally forget about yourself when you pray because we all need to have those talks with God about our troubles. Just put yours aside for a moment and take that time out to ask God to bless those who you know are going through some trying times in their lives. Put those people, whether they be your family members, close friends or even people that you don’t personally know like that but you know their situations, first in your prayers.

God wants us to pray for ourselves, through all circumstances, whether they be good ones or bad ones. But it warms His heart to see that you are able to sacrifice some of your prayer time with Him to lift up someone else’s name first instead of yours.

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