God’s Life Test: How Well Will You Do?

If life is a test, will you get the highest grade possible?

By: Taren Vaughan

All of us are given one opportunity at this thing called life. It can almost be compared to a test that you take in the classroom. Your teacher (God) provides you with all the material that you need to be successful (strength, courage and wisdom). Ultimately, how well you do on His test will be determined by no one but you. With most exams, you will not know all the answers. And in life’s test, we don’t always pick the correct solution to solve our problems. But because God is a forgiving God, He does provide us with chances to correct our mistakes. You can think of it as a form of extra credit.

Some of us may know more about what it takes to pass this test. We have taken it upon ourselves to really study God’s word by attending bible study on a regular basis. Bible study can be viewed as staying after class (Sunday church service) and getting extra help to understand what we have been taught. And some of us set aside time during the day to read various scriptures, learning more about His messages to us, some of which can be very symbolic of some of the things that we are going through on a particular day or throughout the course of a week.

Unlike in school, you do not get a chance to retake this test over and over again. Yes, you have the opportunity to make some corrections along the way. But ultimately, you get one shot at it. And because of that, we should all attempt to do the best we can on it.

Just like any other test, you want to get the highest grade possible. As believers of God’s power and His word, we want to show Him that we are growing and progressing. We are really taking heed to what He is trying to tell us. As a parent would want, doing your absolute best is what God is asking for. He knows we are not perfect and that we will make mistakes. Even when given chance after chance to do better with ourselves, there is no retaking God’s life test. You only have one opportunity at it so give it your all. There is no A through F grading scale here. It’s either you pass or fail. There is no in between.

No one ever said passing God’s life test was an easy thing to do. There are many things that will come our way that will try to stop us from being successful on it. But through prayer and surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals who have the same “study habits” that you do, passing this exam won’t be as hard as you once thought it would be.

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