Seduction By Scent: Fragrances Men Can’t Resist

The top scents that men can’t resist.
By: Amanda Anderson

Smell is one of the most prominent senses in seduction behind touch. A scent alone can cause arousal in the most playful of lovers, while the wrong fragrance could be a huge turn off, and ruin the romantic mood completely. We all may want partners we find visually stimulating, but it doesn’t hurt to have the type of scent that will leave your man thinking about you and craving you after a night of intimacy. You could purchase all the perfumes in the world; but there are 5 scents that will take you straight to a man’s heart, and are essential in the game of seduction. Know them, use them and smell like the woman he’s been dreaming of.

1. Vanilla

Oh yes, Vanilla is sexy, at least according to men. While women may find the scent a little outdated in world full of overcrowded designer fragrances, men still prefer vanilla over a mountain of other scents. Regardless of how you may feel about vanilla ladies, the plant itself is an aphrodisiac. Its sensual aroma reminds us of a delicious dish we just whipped up in the kitchen, so it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why it drives men crazy. Neurologist Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, conducted a study on the impact of scents, sex, and men. Hirsch discovered that vanilla was the smell that aroused men the most.

2. Lavender

Lavender is the perfect blend of sweetness and fruity. It’s a delicious scent that is captivating to both sexes, and a popular scent that we find in most of our favorite perfumes. Men absolutely love the smell of Lavender, and it’s also a useful ingredient in fighting against impotence.

The fabulous Cleopatra herself even used Lavender to seduce Mark Anthony and Julius Caesar.

3. Cinnamon

Another aphrodisiac, cinnamon stimulates arousal in men and can create sexual stimulation. According to traditional sex practices, a drop of cinnamon on the genitalia will enhance one’s sexual desires and abilities. While I won’t recommend you trying this method, the scent alone can work wonders in the bedroom. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that men had a strong attraction to the cinnamon scent in the presence of baked foods. The scent reminds men of a delicious dish and takes them back to their sweeter childhood memories.

4. Fruits

When I was just getting into fragrances and a lot younger, I preferred fruitier scents. I adored fragrances made of apples, pears, and oranges; and indulged in body sprays that smelled like fresh fruits. As I matured, my love for fruity scents has declined dramatically. But men still have an attraction to fruity aromas, and they still find them seductive although we find them inappropriate and childish as we age. Men love orange based scents the most, even fragrances that manage to combine the proper amount of fruity and floral scents.

As you can see by this list, men love scents that they can imagine tasting. Sweet smells are amongst the most popular, with fruity scents playing a close second. Floral scents aren’t necessarily a favorite, but when they are combined with sweet or fruity fragrances; they can work wonders with any man. To set the mood, try using any of these scents with a nice hot bath. Dabbing your neck or shoulders with these scents will also arouse your man, and encourage intimacy.

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