CNN’s Don Lemon Admits He Was Sexually Abused During New Birth Coverage

By: Amanda Anderson

Amidst the New Birth controversy involving Bishop Eddie Long and accusations that he has forced four young men into sexual relationships, many are now speaking up regarding their own run ins with sexual abuse. Everyone isn’t comfortable with sharing such a tragic experience, but CNN’s own Don Lemon feels his admittance could help others and possibly bring a taboo conversation into the forefront in the African American community.

During Lemon’s coverage on the New Birth controversy, he said the following regarding his own brace with sexual abuse:

“I have never admitted this on TV. I’m a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid. Someone who was much older than me. Those are the things that they do. The language, ‘This doesn’t make you gay, if you do this.’ So when someone starts to say that, you start to perk and say, ‘ho.’”

While some are praising Lemon’s honesty on a painful situation, many others are angry that Lemon has seemingly already convicted the Pastor who has yet to even go to trial over the accusations.

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