Beware of the Love Addicted Brother

 Some men love love more than they love women.

By: Amanda Anderson

Flowers, candy, fancy dinners, romantic getaways…this sounds like a good man worth falling for. It’s as if he has mastered the art of woman pleasing because you’re pleased, and he doesn’t let a day go by without telling you how beautiful you are. Like any woman, you feel you deserve this type of man, and you may even be thinking it’s long overdue. Finally you’ve gotten yours, and no man can compare. But there’s something you ought to know about this man before you let your guard down and fall in love: he’s been here before, and actually he’s been here every woman before you.

Oh yes, that’s right my dear. You are dating the Chronic Lover, and this lover boy falls in love with every single woman he dates.

This man is a pro at buying the right flowers, saying the right things, and making women believe they are special. He may tell you that he has never felt this way before, but the truth is he’s always in love. He’s more into love itself than any woman he woos.

You know who I’m talking about. He’s on every social network professing his love in tweets and out of order status updates, taking “couples”  professionally shot photos, and bragging to the world how good his current woman is. But didn’t he do that with the last girlfriend, the one before her, and the other one he had the summer fling with?

With men like this, love is the only thing they have ever been in love with. When the excitement dies out, so will their enthusiasm for the relationship. They don’t know how to put work into relationships because they never stay long enough to get to the point in which work is required. The romantic stuff is easy, and that’s really all they know. Enough bad days, and he’ll run away like a dog with his tail between his legs. And then there will be a new woman and new bout with “love.”

When it comes to men, it’s better to save the excitement for one who proves himself on the hard things. Buying flowers, candies, and creating romantic dates is easy…but doing what you say you’re going to do is hard.

Love Addicted Brothers tend to rely on the following methods and display the following characteristics:

1. Cooking romantic dinners (breakfast too) and making early promises that they won’t keep.

2. Send flowers for no reason 2 weeks in the “relationship.”

3. Exposes every little detail of your relationship on Twitter and Facebook. And by this I mean uploading tons of couple photos, and proclaiming his love for you daily, way before the two of you get to the work part of your relationship.

4. Falls in love with every one of his girlfriends.

5. Gets bored after the honeymoon phase.

When a man is serious, he tends to prove it by putting work into the relationship. He’s in it for the long haul, and committed to working with you to build something solid. Your relationship is sacred to him, so he won’t be on Facebook exposing all the details of your relationship. What’s important to a man, he guards and protects.

He may also use fewer romantic gestures, but when he does send flowers or sentimental gifts, you know it’s coming from the heart, and it’s surely going to continue for many years, even if it’s not everyday.

And most importantly, if a man loves you way too soon, you probably don’t want to be loved by him. Only fall for a man that is willing to build something first, and fall in love much later. That truly is the best kind of love.


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