Color Obsessed: Fall 2010 Nail Color Trends

Take your nails to the next love with these top fall nail color trends.

By: Amanda Anderson

Fall is officially here, and with the beginning of every season, arrives the beginning of nail trends that will be prominent, irresistible, and down right addictive throughout the cooler months. While many belles are into designs and and staying true to their metallic minx obsessions, sometimes its polish alone that can make a real statement. Straight from the runway and from the steady observations (and slight addiction) of one favorite beauty editors (yours truly), here are the hottest colors of the fall season. Take note and indulge accordingly.

Gem Tones

Since the fall is mainly about the darker and bolder hues, it’s no surprise that gem tones would make the list of the most trendiest nail colors.

While these colors could be anything from warm reds, greens, oranges, and blues; these colors are addictive due to their metallic base or bold take on colors that aren’t traditionally season appropriate.


Pink is so last season, and now it’s all about your deep purples, and royal tones. Purples with a metallic twist are great for those who aren’t sold on darker colors, while those bold enough to go deep will have heads turning with luxurious purple tones.

Greys and Blacks

Black nail polish is still very much a favorite, and will remain a staple throughout the fall season. The runways have managed to make grey trendy verses a bore, so if you’d like to step outside the gothic box, find a beautiful grey to take your nails to the next level of fabulous.

Crimson, Plums, and Deep Reds

It’s time to whip out the red nail polish, but not just any red, but your best deep reds. Plum was another runway hit, due to it’s dark and mysterious gorgeous eye catching nature. If plum is a little deeper than you’d like to go, Crimson will pay off handsomely.

Sexy Neutrals

Fall may be about bolder and louder hues, but that can also be achieved by using the right neutrals. Light colors with plenty of attitude will do you justice this fall season, so have your way with them in moderation of course. Diversity is always better.


Did you really think those shiny must haves were going anywhere this season? Grab a gorgeous gold and a seductive copper and you’ll be set for the season.

Navy Blues

Dark, edgy, and alluring; navy blue is a color that will be popular amongst beauty addicts. Darker is always better, so don’t be afraid to get a little bolder this season.

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