Perfect Attendance In Church: Is That Enough For God?

Is going to church every Sunday good enough for God?

By: Taren Vaughan

Some of us make it a point to go to church each and every Sunday of the week. Unless something comes up and we just can’t make it, we break out those Sunday dresses and suits and are on our way to hear the word of God. But unfortunately, for some of us that’s where it all ends. Our time that we spend with God vanishes until the next Sunday. Throughout the week, our Bibles collect dust, not to be picked up again until the next 11:00 service. That doesn’t matter though; we attend church all the time so that’s just enough to please God. God knows that we have busy schedules throughout the week so He will understand that that’s all the time that we can dedicate to Him right? If only it were that simple.

Is going to church every Sunday is good enough for God?

As some people may believe that their attendance in church is just enough to keep God happy, that’s far from true. I don’t care if you make it a point to sit in the very front row of your church. It takes more than taking your usual place in a pew. Yes, it is a very positive thing to go to church every Sunday. But it shouldn’t stop there. Your praising should be a weekly thing, something that is done everyday including the Sabbath. And when you get the opportunity to, reading the Bible should be something on your agenda to do as well.

At the end of the day, it’s whether or not you truly practice and embody the word of God. Some of us have this mentality that showing our faces in church is all we need to get right with Him. And it’s just not that simple. While attending church on a frequent basis is good, it takes more than that to really develop a true, lasting relationship with our Creator. If we can dedicate countless amounts of time to our careers, athletics and other interests that we may have, we can most definitely find time to spend with God other than just Sunday mornings.

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