Style Defined: What Every Fashion Editor Knows

Real style goes further than an addiction to labels.
By: Amanda Anderson

When it comes to the world of fashion editorials, it’s necessary for every big wig fashion editor and blogger to stay abreast of the fashion trends that we see grace the runways. As the seasons change, it is the fashion editors that report on the trends, and inform fashionistas everywhere on what looks will be the staple of the season. It’s a job that requires attention to detail and faithfulness to the runway. And although we focus most of our attention on reporting on trends and keeping up with collections from the most celebrated of fashion designers, it is the fashion editors themselves that can spot a real stylish woman from a poser.

Fashion may be objective, but real style is to celebrated.

Here’s how every fashion editor can spot the stylish from the wannabes.

Trends aren’t essential to their wardrobe.

Fashion trends may be the primary focus of the fashion blogs and magazines, but by no means are they the focus of the wardrobes of the truly stylish.

Some of the most fashionable icons may have known the trends of the season, but they didn’t feel the need to obsess over them either. The real fashionistas know that trends should compliment your style, but not consume your entire wardrobe. Take a little initiative, and select pieces that speak to you inner fashion powerhouse.

Fashion magazines and blogs are useful when it comes to selecting pieces, but it’s always better to be the one who sets trends, verses following them.

High End Doesn’t Make You Stylish.

Have you ever met label addicted “fashionistas?” They won’t buy anything unless it’s considered designer, and they don’t necessarily care about the design itself, but more so the price tag. If they spend several hundreds on a pair of shoes, they feel like they are crossing into stylish territory.

When it comes to real style, labels don’t always equal stylish. Those who are more obsessed with expensive price tags and high end labels shouldn’t be mistaken for chic.

Real fashion icons (such as Sarah Jessica Parker) have the ability to mix high and low end pieces, and can make any label look high end.

Wear what you love and what looks good on you.

Great style means wearing clothes that look great on you. Know what looks best on your body type, and work with it, and not against it. It’s also crucial to know which colors look best against your skin.

Mix classic fashion with a modern twist.

Vintage fashion is essential to the closet of the chic woman. It’s imperative to always hold on to classic styles of fashion, and use them to enunciate modern looks. Trendy women miss out on making a real statement because they are too busy chasing after trends to remember the classic elements that have made the greater significance in fashion.

The Rundown

As a fashion editor, I can admit that most of us don’t care too much for following trends. When you write about fashion collection after collection, and season after season, the fashionista in you just rather rebel and wear what the hell she wants. And most editors do. And in essence, real style requires confidence, and having the ability to pick out what would look best on you, versus letting us tell you as if you are fashionally challeneged.

If you want to be a real fashion powerhouse, use the fashion magazines as the first base, but use your own intuition to develop your own style.

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