The Power of Sexual Compatibility

 Sexual compatability is essential to any fulfilling relationship. How sexually compatible are you with your partner?

By: Amanda Anderson

In today’s society, sex is treated so casually, that it’s actually quite easy to forget how essential it really is to a healthy relationship. And not just any sex, but good sex, makes a relationship sexually fulfilling to all involved. In most cases, it is the lack of a strong sexual connection that causes most couples to become distant, which opens up a pandora’s box to many additional problems within the relationship. Still not completely convinced that sexual compatibility strengthens a relationship? Here are a few reasons why you should always strive for sexual compatibility with your partner:

Sexual compatibility enforces closeness, and creates a bond.

Good sex may feel amazing and take your body to physical bliss, but it’s also an effective way to get closer to your partner.

If you are in a committed relationship with someone you truly respect, a great sexual relationship only encourages openness with your partner. There’s a level of comfort that is reached when we are satisfied with our partners, and trust is established since this person was willing and able to please us intimately.

Sex in itself is an intimate thing, regardless of how casual society continues to attempt to portray it. When we open ourselves to some good lovin’ and please our partners as well, we find that it is easier to open up to this person in many other ways besides just sex.

It dramatically improves your sex life.

There’s no doubt that sex is better when it’s with someone who pleases you, verses someone who’s all about themselves, and has no interest in learning your body and what it takes to satisfy you.

When we involve ourselves sexually with people who are committed to keeping us happy, our sex lives go from average to simply amazing. Contrary to belief, people aren’t born naturally good at sex. It takes time, patience, and most importantly, it takes the ability to listen. If you find these qualities in your significant other, your sex life together will be better than you ever imagined. But if instead you find that your partner is more about himself, and getting his own needs met without meeting yours, get used to a lackluster sex life which will end in the exhaustion of fake orgasms and the inflation of an already over hyped ego.

To be equally yoked sexually, is to lower the chances of infidelity.

While there will always be men who cheat because they can (and want to), most people cheat because they aren’t happy sexually. Their partner isn’t pleasing them, and they have decided to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

If you are sexually compatible with your partner, it is less likely that you will have the desire to seek out additional partners.

To sum it up, sexual compatibility requires the following:

1. A partner who is humble enough to listen to what you need, and works diligently to give you just that.

2. Your ability to listen, understand, and supply your partner with their sexual desires.

3. Patience, patience, and more patience. While some couples just walked into amazing sex lives, others had to work towards it. But once you get there, you’ll never want to go back to a partner who never figured you out sexually.

4. An agreement to compromise.

5. The understanding that sex should be a healthy part of your relationship.

Making your man go weeks and months without sex just because you’re tired, too busy, or emotionally unavailable isn’t sexual compatibility. Always consider how your partner may feel about a lack of sexual fulfillment. No matter what, keep your sex life intact. If not, your relationship will surely suffer.

Although sexual compatibility is important, sex alone can’t save relationships. Not only do you need to be compatible to your partner sexually, but you also need to have common ground in every other aspect of the relationship. In most cases, we are only pleased with the physical aspect of our relationship because we have a partner who was willing to get over themselves, and so were we. We were lucky enough to get into a relationship with someone who understands that a good relationship requires work, and so does an amazing sex life.

To get there, you’ll just need to end up with someone mature enough to commit to the good fight and with that dedication and healthy dose of patience, you’ll get to the good sex.

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