5 Features That Black Women Have, That White Women Pay For

Black women have features that other women pay thousands for.
By: Amanda Anderson

As the media continues to push down its played and tired agenda of European beauty as the superior form of beauty, African American women are forced to either challenge it or succumb to it, and accept our place of inferiority. Sadly, most black women have obliged to the standards of a hate infested media, and are taking many routes to look more European. We’re destroying our natural and God given hair because they said our hair isn’t beautiful, lightening our skin since they believe lighter skin is better, and opting for smaller noses since apparently ours are “too wide.” We keep giving in to their lies and we hate our God created selves. All the while, the features that whites claimed were ugly and unattractive are secretly the most desired, and the reason behind a billion dollar industry of plastic surgery and cosmetics.

We were originally hated because of our skin, lips, and curvy physiques; and now Caucasians are willing to spend thousands for tans, full lips, and new asses.

Sometimes it’s as if whites secretly love and appreciate our God given features more than most of us do.

Need an ego boost or a few reasons to appreciate what you have, naturally? Here are five features you were born with that white women would pay for.

1. Your Skin Color

Our darker skin color has always been cited as the number one reason we are one of the most hated people on the face of the earth. While most say it’s out of intimidation and ignorance; I’m convinced that the increasing popularity of tanning practices and procedures proves that it’s actually just a bad case of jealousy.

White women spend hundreds of dollars a year on tanning products and tanning salons. You’re naturally blessed with melanin, and your skin looks like it’s been kissed by the skin without any alteration.

2. Your Butt

Most black women have been blessed with some junk in their trunk, and it’s refreshing compared to women who are known to lack plenty back there. Since a little booty is all the range now in Hollywood, with celebrities from A-List to the Z-List buying booty pads or new asses all together, it’s no surprise that regular white women are spending thousands on butt injections. Unfortunately for them, their purchased fixations aren’t completely fixed; they’ll continue to spend thousands to keep up the shenanigans. Meanwhile, you were born with a bubbly derriere.

3. Full Lips

White women aren’t known to have fuller lips, and have to depend on lip pumpers and lipsticks, and even lip injections to get a full set of luscious lips. Our lips are so in right now, that most of the lip sticks and glosses on the cosmetic scene claim to have lip pluming formulas.

Clearly we have gorgeous, kissable lips that cost quite a penny for the less equipped.

4. Hair

Oh yes, you’re not tripping, your natural, coily, full, thick hair is desirable to white women.

Not convinced? Well why do you think they spend so much money on curly perms in the hair salon? They desire a thick head of curls, and you yourself have been born with that. Unfortunately, if you have a relaxer, you’ve opted for straight and thinner hair.

As a natural diva myself, I can tell you that when I wear my natural coily, thick hair out in public, most of the compliments I get on my hair come from whites. They even ask how they can get curly, thick hair like mine.

Your natural hair is way more fabulous than that relaxed hair you’ve been rocking for over a decade. In fact, it’s guaranteed to turn more heads and create more admirers. Be proud of it.

5. Your Ageless Skin

Smooth as silk, and slow to crack; there probably isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t want our skin.

Black people as a whole, age pretty damn good. My mother is in her mid 50s, and her skin is flawless, and wrinkle free. No offense to my white sisters, but they start to see facial lines before they even hit their mid 30s. They rely on expensive skin care products, botox, and outrageous beauty routines to have the skin we have naturally.

Now this is by no way or means a diss to Caucasians, but a wake up call to all of my mocha sisters about the natural beauty that we’ve been blessed with, but rarely appreciate. When most of us think of our features, we’ve allowed the media to plant seeds of self-hate so deep in our consciousness that we subconsciously attempt to change the things about ourselves that are representation of our ethnicity. Why should we continue to allow anyone else to define what beauty is, when God himself decided that what He gave us would be good enough. Are we that pompous to question God’s decisions?

It’s a new day, and it’s about time we love every little detail about ourselves. After all, it’s all God given. And if people are willing to fork out thousands to get what we already have, we must be kind of fabulous.

Update: I wrote this two years ago and it’s still making non black people angry. Why can’t I praise black women? Oh that’s right, because that’s not what this country is used to. When I do it, it’s racist. I wrote this to also prove that there’s a superiority complex that some of you have against black women. Point proven! But the shunning of black women happens everyday on those mainstream magazines that only feature white women, but that’s okay? Please. If you’re offended by this article, sorry, that’s too bad. Now you see why it’s never cool for beauty to be one sided or limited to one race. Rarely are African American women EVER praised for our features. I set out to do this with this article because I never see anything positive about OUR features. For too long, the European standard of beauty has been pushed down our throats and we are expected to look and meet those standards. And just like I expected, the people who are supposed to be that standard are angry about what I have written. Tough cookies.

You proved that due to your anger from an article that never made any racist remarks to white women, that we have a long way to go. But you’re the same people that refer to black magazines as racist, while praising Vogue for its hundreds of glossy pages full of white models. Frankly put, you’re mad because black women were praised..for once! Grow up. And there’s not an angry comment that can change how I feel or the facts regarding the double standard of European “beauty.” Hit that “X” in the corner of your screen and be on your way if you have a problem with me finally praising the beauty of women who don’t meet that tired European standard of beauty. I love being a black woman, and it felt good to put the shoe on the other foot. Stay mad.

Toodles and God bless!


  1. I love it. And I can testify to the natural hair thing. I also get a lot of love for my natural hair from white women. And it's crazy because I've had more sisters frown at it, than white women. The good thing is that it seems like black women are coming around, as there is a surge in women going natural. It's always best to love yourself and appreciate what God gave you.

  2. This is so true. I remember a time when we were made fun of because of our butts, hair, skin, lips, etc. But, I find it so strange even though they are basically coping us they still do not wish to give credit where it is due. They will say that most whites have full lips, or I want a little color to my skin I don't want to be white; or then they will say that black women put relaxers in their hair or color their hair. As far as I am concerned white women have always had this slight hidden jealousy of black women; it stemmed from slavery and still goes on today. I just wished that some of the younger black females realize they are the original women and everyone else is a photocopy. Peace.

  3. Every person from every race has done something similar to another race. Some black girls perm their hair, so what ? Some white girls tan their skin, so what ? Everyone is a copycat somehow. -Miss Koroma

  4. This article is SO true. Black women are often put down, but it seems as though every other race wants and desire our characteristics and features. Someone pointed out that black girls perm their hair-that is NOT to look white! Preminger hair is to make it more easier to manage. Also, for certain jobs/careers there are RULES about looking “Americanized ‘ which means you can’t wear certain hairstyles like natural ones, braids, dreads, etc. all my black guy friends had to chop their dreads off in order to make decent money.

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