5 Tips For The Fitness Newbie

Here are a few pointers for those new to the exercise game.

By: Taren Vaughan

Coming onto the exercise scene can be an exciting time for us. After talking about it for months and changing the start date over and over again, the day has finally come to drop those extra pounds. With so many options and so many opinions from others who claim to be “fitness experts”, it’s hard to figure out what step to take first. For those who are searching for a little direction before heading to the gym, here are a few tips to get you started the right way.

Get A Check Up

The very first thing a fitness newbie should do way before they run to the mall to buy a pair of running shoes or begin to look up membership prices for gyms is to get a physical. Physical assessments are important to get because they inform you about any pre-existing conditions that you may have prior to starting your new exercise program(s). You don’t want to get out on a track with a heart condition that was left undiscovered. That wouldn’t turn out too well for you I imagine. Set up an appointment with your primary physician as soon as possible. And if it’s too difficult to do that, most if not all urgent cares do physicals right on the spot for reasonable prices.

Comfort Is Key

Aside from making sure your body is in good enough shape for taking on a new journey in fitness, comfort is a very important aspect for a newcomer as well. From your clothing to your shoes, you want to choose the appropriate attire according to the workout routines that you are doing. Don’t wear running shoes if you are only going to stick to walking. Oh yes, there is a difference when it comes to the type of sneakers that you need to wear. As far as clothes are concerned, of course you want to be comfortable. But you also want to be secure too. Hence, those lovely things called workout bras. The last thing you want is for something, or things, to accidentally pop out while you are on the treadmill. That’s an embarrassment waiting to happen. And that alone may turn you off from ever stepping foot in a gym again.

Drop The “Go hard or Go Home” Mentality

Naturally, most of us like to push ourselves to the limit in certain things that we do. And that way thinking has a tendency to carry over into the gym. That thought process would be okay for an individual who has been working out for several months or years. But as a baby in the fitness game, you most definitely have to crawl before you walk. Start off with some mild workouts like walking on the treadmill or taking some laps around the track. Whatever you choose to do, by all means don’t make it last over an hour. You don’t want your first work out to be your last. Trust me I know the scene can be enticing. But your body will appreciate you so much for taking it easy.

Stay Hydrated

During your workout, water is the best friend that you will ever know. Be sure to keep a bottle with you at all times. For those who need a little flavor, Gatorade is a great source of replenishment. Full of electrolytes, it restores the body with the salts that are lost through sweating. When doing your workouts, no matter how intense they are, you should stay hydrated. By doing so, you will avoid that severe cramping that nobody likes.

Keep It Fun Filled

Once things get boring, exercising may become a thing of the past quickly. Enjoyable exercises will lead you to doing them on a more frequent basis and will allow you to have fun with it. Exercises that involve unique forms of dancing, being in the water or anything that you have zero experience in will keep you wanting to workout for more and more. Adding some diversity to your workout routines is also very beneficial for your body as well. It allows you to work different areas of it, thus helping you reach your goal a lot faster.

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