Back Against The Wall, God’s Got It All

When all hope is gone, God still makes a way.

By: Taren Vaughan

There are moments when we go through things that test our patience. These things may not be too severe, so we manage to overcome them with ease. But what about those times when you find yourself in the middle of something that appears to have no end? A problem that really has you thinking that there is no possible way to get out of or around it? The hope that you once had for fixing the issue is gone completely out of the window.

We find ourselves in some of the most pressure filled situations, some of which we bring on ourselves. Whether it be dealing with financial difficulties, issues in school, or even relationships with significant others or close friends, sometimes we get to the point where we think that the problem that we are having is hopeless. It’s clear to us that it is a done deal and there is nothing that we can do to improve things. But we forget sometimes who has the last say so; who has the power to turn things around for us in the blink of an eye. Unlike us, God can change the outcome of a situation instantly. He doesn’t need days, weeks or months to work things out. He can fix it for you right then and there.

Procrastination and poor planning can get the best of all of us at times. But thankfully, in the midst of the bad moves that we make, God devises a plan to get us out of the bind that we put ourselves in. Whatever the situation, there is nothing that is too complex for Him to figure out. God always makes a way out of no way and will always continue to do that for those who truly believe in His ability to do so. So when you have those moments when you feel like there is absolutely no way out, remember that God has one for you. When your back is against the wall, He has it all.

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