Can’t Afford A New Fall Wardrobe? Get Fab With The Essentials

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money for fabulous fall fashion, just focus on the essentials.

By: Amanda Anderson 

It’s a new season, and fabulous fall fashion is finally here. New York Fashion Week only stirred up our fashion addictions, as well as revealed that this season is all about bold trends, vintage fabrics, classic pieces with a modern twist, and exquisite colors that we’re dying to add to our own stash of chic fashions. In a perfect world, you’d have a huge bank account at your dispense to indulge in designer labels and just about every fashion trend to dazzle fashion editors on the runway as of late. But as the economy continues to struggle and jobs remain scarce, we’re all forced to become budget fashionistas, and become practical in our shopping pursuits and love affair with style. But your new found savvy in spotting deals with pretty labels in no way means that you can’t have the fall wardrobe to die for, it just means that you will have to focus less on how many pieces you buy, and more on what kinds of pieces you decide to add to your wardrobe. Quality, not quantity, is the first rule to shopping fabulously on a budget.

So don’t fret if you can’t splurge like you’d like, you can still feed you inner fashionable diva.

Here’s the crucial pieces you’ll need to refresh your fall wardrobe, with abusing your budget, and spending what you really don’t have.

1. The Blazer

You’ll need a blazer in your wardrobe this season, as it’s one of the most crucial pieces of fashion this fall.

Blazers are great pieces to use to add a little flair to just about any outfit, and they can be dressed up or even made into casual chic. It’s way more savvy to but a few blazers in different styles and different colors to bring a little justice to your wardrobe. But to be on the safe side and avoid overspending, I suggest two different blazers. Get a basic one and a more trendier piece, and you should be set this season.

2. Big Pants

Sure, skinny jeans might have been all the rage for the last couple cycles of fashion, but this season, big pants are the season’s must have, and a serious piece of runway candy that you just can’t ignore. Cop a few wider leg pants, and work them like no one’s business this fall.

3. Animal Print

Rather it’s a top, dress, bag, or shoes; you need to sprinkle a little animal print into your wardrobe this season. Don’t fight the urge, animal print is versatile enough to be sexy, trendy, and even edgy on your gothic inspired days. A few staple pieces will work wonders.

4. The Sexy Sweater Dress

Curve fitting, alluring, captivating, chic, and dare I say…delicious; the sexy sweater dress is an absolute must have. It’s one of the most sexiest ways to keep warm, not to mention, can be accentuated with something as simple as a waist belt, and made classic with a strand of pearls, opera length style. A couple of these and you’re set.

5. A Little Leather

Leather skirts and dresses were a hit during New York Fashion Week, so you’ll want at least one of each to keep up with the fashion addicted.

While there are many more pieces you could easily add to your stash, these are by far the essentials for the fall 2010 season. Indulge in them, work them, and you’ll appear as if you have an extensive fall wardrobe.

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