He’s Back: Steve Harvey to Release New Book, But Should He?

Some women feel Steve Harvey’s failed marriages prohibit him from giving relationship advice, but who’s ever been in a perfect relationship?

By: Amanda Anderson

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, is the national best seller that introduced Steve Harvey, the relationship expert. Praised for raw glimpses of the man’s take on relationships, women, and sex; readers everywhere felt as if they had been granted temporary boarding passes to the man’s mind and sexual perspectives. Harvey even told us to play hard to get and hold on to our “cookies,” for at least three months, how to dissect a man’s actions, and just why so many of us have been unable to find real love. While the advice in itself may have been valid, the comedian’s credentials are not.

Harvey has been divorced twice, with rumors of infidelity being the cause of both splits. Though he’s now happily re-married and visually in love with his current wife, critics question if any woman should be taking advice from a man who is accused of having a wandering eye and a resume blotched with failed marriages.

Steve may be able to make us laugh at his politically offensive jokes and he may even be a king of comedy, but does he really have the credentials to give relationship advice?

The answer to that question is a result on your outlook on wisdom.

Often, singles proclaim that it’s best to get relationship advice from those who are involved in relationships, as well as those who are currently married. It’s as if being in a relationship automatically makes someone an expert and knowledgeable enough to give guidance to those who are uncommitted and looking. While it may seem logical, or even appear as common sense; this outlook can be dangerous in many ways.

For one thing, wisdom is attainable in two ways: by watching the mistakes of others or making pivotal mistakes in our own lives. The only common ground both have in common is that a fool refuses to learn, and that includes learning from mistakes.

One simply cannot gain wisdom by being perfect, and never having any relationship problems. And rather you want to accept it or not, you don’t have to be madly in love with someone to realize your mistakes and learn from them.

You don’t even have to be in a relationship to tell someone how to keep someone. Someone clearly lost something good, and they are trying to tell you how to do better than they did. So why the outrage ladies?

And when you think about it, Steve Harvey is still a man regardless of the fact that he’s been divorced twice. So when it comes down to breaking down the mentality of men, he probably knows a lot more than we want to give him credit for. And that’s the thing that all women must understand. It’s essential to learn about men from other men, not from women.

Now I’m not suggesting that you run out and purchase every book that Steve Harvey publishes, but I do suggest that you start listening to men when they speak on men. We aren’t equipped in our DNA to understand one another, but we are able to have great conversation and debate that can ultimately lead us to some common ground…finally.

Now seriously think about this. Do you really think that only good men can speak on men as a whole, considering that they themselves are rare? How much sense does that make? It’s always smarter to get the perspective of all men, even the ones that don’t necessarily treat women the best. By learning their techniques on dogging women, just maybe you won’t get dogged. It ain’t rocket science, but it’s survival of the fittest.

There is no perfect person on this earth, and even if it was, I wouldn’t want to take advice from them. Because in order to be perfect, you would have to avoid taking any risks, and living to your full capabilities. So why on earth do you seek perfect people to give you advice on the imperfect love?

All men ain’t the same, but the advice that Harvey suggested, will definitely weed out the men who aren’t good for you. Even though all men aren’t dogs, it’s probably best to hear from someone who’s been in the doghouse a few times on how to spot a few. So don’t throw stones at Steve or cite his failed marriages as a means to tune out solid advice. Rarely does the messenger matter more than the actual message, and you’ll need to hear just about every message possible to survive this cold ass dating scene.

But you didn’t hear that from me…


  1. I honestly don't understand why women were so outraged about the book. Okay he's divorced, but his advice was pretty good. I can't promise I'll get the new book, but I think it's kind of crazy that a man has to be perfect for women to listen to him. With me, if the advice is solid, I'll focus on that more than the messenger.

  2. I bought the book and I loved it. It had great advice and I don't understand why women were upset. I will probably get his new book if the advice is solid.

  3. Good book, but I'm not a fan of Steve Harvey. I probably won't get his new book, but I definitely had all my friends reading the first one. He covered a lot, so I'm not sure what more he can say in the next book.

  4. Women are trippin if they have a problem with anything this man said in his book. The truth is the damn truth no matter who it comes from. Steve may be divorced, but maybe it ain't a bad thing to listen to someone who made mistakes. They have knowledge too. That's just my take on things.

  5. His first book was pretty good. It was funny and true. But I have a feeling that the next one may not be as good. It's hard to write decent follow up books.

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