You Want A Do Right Man, But Are You A Do Right Woman?

You should meet the same expectations you have of your man.
By: Taren Vaughan

There is one thing that a lot of women are searching for and can’t seem to find it. And that is a perfect man. A man who has a good job, a good education, knows how to treat us with respect and most of all, has a strong relationship with God. While there is really no such thing as an absolutely perfect man, you want them to be as close to perfection as possible. Depending on how detailed we are some women can have a list of requirements that even the most together brother would fall short of. No matter the length though, all of us have those things that we want our men to have and do. But before we rattle off our lists of all the qualities that our men must possess and the things that they must live up to, do we ourselves meet the standards that we set for them?

It so easy to say what you want from a man. I don’t think too many of us have a problem at all with doing that. That aspect is something that we females have pretty much down pat. But is it just as simple to say that you have all of these qualities too? Here is the part where some sisters may grow mighty quiet. And coincidently, the women who fall silent when asked this question are the ones whose lists are the longest of them all. The fact of the matter is we stress all day long about what a man should have and what he should do for us but we fail to meet the requirements our damn selves.

How can you ask that your man be a respectable person when you lack any type of class whatsoever? And how can you expect him to make wise decisions with his money when you blow every dollar you get before it hits your hands good? So in other words, you want your man to uphold all these things while you continue to be your “flawless” self. Don’t you think you need to live up to what you are asking him to be?

We can have all the expectations in the world for our partners. This list of things that we want our man to do and how we want him to be. But sometimes you have to take a minute and really think about whether or not you embody some of the very things that you are asking your significant other to be. And a lot times, some women don’t even come close simply because their lists are full of outrageous requirements that not even the most amazing brother out there could uphold.

So when you are getting your list together, I caution you to be careful in what you ask of your man. And make sure you take a long look at yourself before you go demanding that he be a certain way. Because what you are asking for in him should be found in yourself as well. If you want a “Do Right Man”, then make sure you are a “Do Right Woman” first.


  1. It's sad, but most women don't feel like they need to have their stuff together, but it doesn't stop them from requiring men to be perfect. I think we should all be fair and realistic when it comes to dating.

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