Minerals Matte: Mineral Makeup Made Easy

Need a fabulous solution to your messy mineral makeup woes? Minerals Matte could be the very beauty essential your makeup regime is missing.

By: Amanda Anderson

We may love how fabulous mineral makeup may look against our gorgeous skin tones. but if it’s one thing that isn’t so fabulous, it’s the overall mess and inconvenience that mineral makeup can cause. Before you give up on mineral makeup all together, and opt for a cleaner makeup alternative, Minerals Mate has created the perfect solution to a messy situation that beauty addicts everywhere can truly appreciate.

A custom-designed application palette, Minerals Mate gives you plenty of room to work with your foundation, face treatment and blush minerals, plus places to sort, blend or foil your eye colors. That means less mineral mess. 
“For use in applying minerals, the container lids are obvious but they’re not practical,” said Molly Fleming, who introduces the Minerals Mate palette this week as a simple but effective and hygienic alternative. “You can wash the Minerals Mate palette and there are no threads like on the lids to hide bacteria. Plus, it gives you enough room to play with your makeup without getting it all over the place.”
Minerals Mate has four small wells and three large wells to accommodate makeup brushes of all sizes. It washes with soap and water (or the dishwasher, top rack) so you can start with a clean palette every day. Its thumb rest doubles as a brush wash, as do the palette’s wells.
Minerals Mate comes with a red satin pouch for storing leftover minerals, and a spatula for mixing or scooping; the set sells for $9.99. The best part, Fleming says, is that if you shake too much minerals into the Minerals Mate® palette, you have more surfaces to use for sorting or tapping out your product, and you can store leftover minerals on the palette in the tailor-made pouch, if needed.
The makeup containers, or powder jars, sold on www.mymineralsmate.com also help prevent spilling minerals. Their sifters have a click-action mechanism that can be set to open, half-open or fully closed. The powder jars come in 20- and 30-gram sizes and have silver-matte lids.
Also available from Minerals Mate is a 7.5” x 12” red satin makeup tote bag; it matches the 10” x 5” red satin palette pouch that comes with each palette order, creating an easy gift ensemble.

Loving Minerals Mate? Get yours here.

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