Secrets of a Social Network Player

From Facebook, Twitter, to Black Planet, men tip ladies off on the top tactics and signs that your man could be just another Social Network Player. 

By: Amanda Anderson

Relationships and potential love affairs are harder to get now more than ever, since we as a society become more self seeking by the day, bitter by the hour, and just about over it by the year. It’s not easy to meet someone that you can build ever after with, and you find more often than not, that you will surely have to waste lots of time before you start to make the most of it. And we can begin to make the most of our time when we engage in relationships that will mean more than summer flings and winter unions, and that are more earth shattering than booty calls and false love that keeps score of all wrong doings. But in order to find our one big love, we have to go through the dreadful getting to know you (and I wonder if you’re who I think you really are) process. Now of course this process has gotten more complex than the traditional movie dates, romantic dinners, and first time conversations; now we’re following these potentials on Twitter and frequenting their Facebook profiles. Tweet by tweet, and wall posting by wall posting; we’re hoping to get to know our potential sweetie, but no man wants to admit that it’s the social networks themselves that are outing deceitful doings more so than the shameless side pieces.

Before you become head over heels in love with a man who has can’t seem to forsake all others, here are a few signs that you’re dating a facebook player, with some trifling Twitter tendencies.

Word of caution, this list was composed from the emissions of multiple men and I have managed to compose the list of the top trifling antics of the social network player.

1. No one can comment or post anything on his Facebook wall.

The Facebook wall may seem like an innocent way to catch up with friends, post useful links and even acknowledge birthdays; but to a woman, what it really is, is a way to mark territory. And when we are interested in a man, we’ll mark his wall as often as necessary to make it clear to every other woman that our man is spoken for. But when a man decides to step outside and seek some new attention, most likely the new woman will stop by to take a piss.

All men know this, so if you notice that his wall is all of a sudden unavailable, nine times out of ten you aren’t the only one itching to lift up your leg.

To prevent any drama, men will quietly take down their Facebook walls to eliminate any cutesy posting from women you didn’t have a clue existed. If he has nothing to hide, why hide his Facebook wall?

2. His relationship status says single although he is in a relationship.

This is one of the most popular indicators that a man is keeping his options open. While it’s one thing to keep your relationship private, to not acknowledge it all together just indicates that a man isn’t really committed to you.

Make sure that you both can agree to a relationship status that will make you both happy.

3. Limited photos.

Ever notice that you can’t view the photos he’s been tagged to? If he’s hiding photos, he’s probably in places he shouldn’t be. It’s never a good sign when a man has to hide pictures on Facebook.

4. Inappropriate status updates.

Is he always flirty on his facebook statuses? In fact, is he so flirty that it comes off as if he’s not even dating anybody?

He’s the typical attention bating social network player. They are always on the prowl, and use the social networks as a means to recruit new side pieces. Flirty status updates make things easier. It’s an effective way to attract interested women.

If he tells you, “Oh this is just Facebook/Twitter, and it is just entertainment!” Ask him who he’s trying to entertain. If a man feels the need to entertain on Twitter or Facebook, you probably shouldn’t entertain his ass.

5. He has an active Black Planet account.

Black Planet may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but to horny black folks, it’s the best place to pick up booty calls. If your man has an active account on Black Planet, and can’t go longer than a week to sign in, he’s probably using those bedroom skills that you love with someone else. There’s no logical reason for anyone to be on Black Planet in the Twitter and Facebook age unless they are looking to hook up. Trust me when I say that the brothers know this, but hope that you don’t.

6. He gets too hype over Titty Tuesdays on Twitter.

Every Tuesday, desperate women across the world will upload their favorite titty shots to horny strangers all over the web in a series of tweets and tweet pics. This weekly repeat of slutty desperation is referred to as the infamous “Titty Tuesdays.” If your man or potential is active in this event, he’s not someone you need to be serious with.

Let’s face it, there are more indicators of a chronic social network player, but these are the top indicators that men feel every woman should look out for. If you recognize any of these signs with the man that you are dating, it’s probably best that you ask some serious questions and hold off on getting too deep into a serious relationship.

Social networks may have been created for fun and communication, but these days, they are useful in screening out men that aren’t worth the time, the tears, or the traditional “I hate men” status update. Use them to your advantage, and don’t waste your time with a man who can’t even behave on the social networks.


  1. Wow. I was just talking about this. I am dating a guy who took down his fb wall all of a sudden, and it just seemed weird and suspect to me. I guess my thing is why should I be with you when you have to hide things from me on facebook? I don't have time for it.

  2. I had to giggle at that black planet one. I'm not even going to front. In my naughty girl days, I would seek booty calls on BP. But don't tell my fiance that…haha!

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