The Takeover: When It’s Time For God To Step In

Knowing when it’s time to give it all over to God.

By: Taren Vaughan

After you have done all that you can possibly do and have said everything that you could possibly say, there comes a point where you must simply let it be. Whether it is concerning a relationship, a friendship or even a situation involving your family members, sometimes you have to know when to say when. You have talked about it, tried to compromise and tried to be as understanding as you can possibly be about what is going on between you and that person or people. Even after all of your attempts to make things right, it just seems to be getting you absolutely nowhere at all. And when things start to appear to be at a standstill and are not changing for the better even after all that you have done, it’s about that time.

It’s time to let God step in and take over your situation. And when He does, we must let Him take over completely, not partially. By us keeping our hands on the wheel is not letting God fully have control of the situation. You have got to remove both of your hands from the wheel and let God do all of the driving from here on out. Only then will things begin to make a change for the better. I think we get so scared sometimes that God can’t change things all by Himself. We feel like He needs some assistance in doing so. Did we forget who we are talking about here? If you believe in God’s power, then you believe that there is no problem to great or small for Him to conquer. And He will do just that.

When things begin to get way out of hand and become too difficult for you to handle on your own, surrender it all over to God. It’s seems so hard to do especially when you think that you can turn everything around. The time that you spend trying to fix someone or something needs to be spent praying. Ask God to takeover whatever it is that you are going through. Let Him be the one to find the solution to your troubles. In the meantime, your biggest job is to keep your faith and remember who gets the final say so in all that we do. And that is our Father up above.

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