Breaking Point: Every Woman Has One

“There’s a limit to my love” –Keri Hilson

By: Taren Vaughan

To whoever said being in a relationship was a full time job was a certified genius. Whether it is dedicating time, being committed and putting your heart and soul on the line, maintaining a partnership with someone is not always a cakewalk. There will be some ups and downs throughout your relationship. But what happens when those down moments become a little too much to handle? The arguments get more and more intense each time. The lies that he tells have gotten completely out of control. You’ve tried your hardest to be nice and keep your cool. But he has pushed you too far this time. You have reached your limit and you have absolutely had enough. You have finally reached your breaking point.

What is it that drives a woman to that point? The point where she just can’t take it anymore?

Dealing with a man’s issues for an extended period of time can lead you to lose your mind with the quickness. Especially if it involves a boat load of kids by different women and side chicks that seem to increase in numbers every time you turn around. Sometimes, you have just had all you can take from him. And for some women, the problems that they have with their men run much deeper than just having a few extra females in the picture.

It’s one thing to have a man that doesn’t know how to keep his penis in his pants. Or to have a guy who couldn’t tell the truth if Jesus himself was standing nearby as a witness. But what about having a man that repeatedly puts his hands on you? Physical abuse can not only cause you bodily harm or even death in extreme cases. It can leave you mentally scarred as well. You signed up for a relationship. Not a Tyson fight. And it would be well understood if you packed up your bags and left.

The reasons why women reach their breaking points can be endless. Just all depends on what type of men we are dealing with. One reason could simply be because you know deep in your heart that you don’t deserve to be treated the way that you are. All the excuses as to why he can’t spend time with you or leaving you by herself all the time to go hang out with his boys until the wee hours of the morning. That’s enough right there to send a woman over the edge. Regardless of the situation, all of us women have these moments. If you are anything like me, you try your best to maintain your composure. You try to keep a level head, even though he is tap dancing on your last nerve, being so blatantly disrespectful and straight up inconsiderate of your feelings.

But sometimes ladies, you just have to let him have it. And if your way of letting him have it results in a smack in the face, a good cursing out or a softer approach, giving him the silent treatment, believe me I won’t judge you at all. Not that I condone physical retaliation, but one thing I do know is that that is the only way some men seem to clearly understand where you are coming from. So sad it has to be like that. Can’t they just get what you are trying to say without having to be yelled or screamed at? But hey there are those men who really know how to push your buttons. Some of them even take pleasure out of getting a rise out of you. And those are the kind of people that you should stay far away from at all cost.

Now let’s be clear here. Breaking points are not just reserved for the “crazy” women of the world. I don’t care how nice a woman is or how classy she presents herself to be. All women, and men for that matter, can have those moments when they are just sick and tired of putting up with crap from their partners. And when you get as one of my good friends would say “Sick and tired of being sick and tired”, you will remove yourself from the situation if you know what’s best for you. And let them know, I do have a limit and you have officially pushed me to it.

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