So Think You Are Smarter Than God?

You may be smarter than a fifth grader but you are surely not smarter than God.

By: Taren Vaughan

We just think we know everything there is to know about life don’t we. We know exactly what we need to happen in order for us to be successful. Concerning partnerships, we know exactly who we are going to marry and who we should end up with. Furthermore, we know all the proper steps that we need to take in order to see these things happen for us. Why wouldn’t we though? We should have it all down pat because we are so smart right? No need to stop and get help from God. His opinion doesn’t matter when it comes how our lives should flow. That is where we are completely wrong.

Since when did we think that our intelligence level was higher than our own Creator’s? The one who has absolute control over everything that goes on down here on Earth? Despite what we may think, God is and will always be smarter than us. He knows what He is doing. He has designed paths specific to each of us. Paths that we must travel in order to find the successes that await us in life. Even when it may appear to us that the roads we are going down are not the correct ones, trust and believe that they are. God will not steer us in the wrong direction. He is too smart for that remember? He will not lead us into harmful situations not to say that He won’t place us in trying ones. But even then, He will always provide a way for us to get out of them.

All of the degrees in the world couldn’t make us reach the intelligence level of God. He needs no expensive text books. He needs no endless amounts of study time. He is just that good and that full of knowledge that He can tell us what it is that we need in an instant. If we believe in the word of God, we should also believe that He knows what is best for us in all aspects of our lives. Yes, He does know that that man is not right for you and yes, He does know that that job was not in your heart to have. He knows us better than we know ourselves. So we would be outsmarting ourselves if we thought for a moment that we knew what we needed better than God did. His brilliance well exceeds ours always. He is the true intellect in this equation. You may be smarter than a fifth grader. But you most certainly are not smarter than God.

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