Head Over Heart: A Concept That We All Should Master

Our emotions can lead us to do some crazy things.

By: Taren Vaughan

The heart is one of the most vital organs in a person’s body. It controls blood flow, how well our bodies function overall, Though it is small in size, it holds a lot of power. Without a heart, none of us would be able to survive. But without it, some of us wouldn’t make the stupid decisions that we make when it comes to love. Our hearts’ house our emotions (metaphorically of course), you know, those silly things that arise in us when we think we have found that special person that we will spend an eternity with. But there are times however when we should start using the one thing that tends to led us to make the better choices when it comes to relationships.

Using your head and really taking the time out to think about a situation logically instead of thinking about it from an emotional standpoint would save all of us a lot of valuable time. If you stopped and reflected on how much of a trifling man he really is despite how in love with him you are, you will see that he is probably not a person that you should keep around. And if you let that head of yours take precedence over your heart, you would realize that sleeping with a man is not going to make things better between you two and bring you closer together. Too bad though this is not how most of us operate when it comes to dating and relationships.

Your mind will tell you that a person means you no good and that you should not give them a second thought at all. Your heart however, tells you that you can make things work and that everything will be okay. Your heart will make you keep people in your life much longer than they need to be. Their season with you passed a long time ago and you are just hoping that you can still hold on to them. The case of the “Double D’s” is all that is: denial and delusion. And that is one thing that I know about firsthand.

I’m not afraid to admit it. I have let my heart and my emotions get the best of me a time or two. And I’ll be honest at times I wish that I didn’t have feelings at all. Good way to keep them from getting hurt right? But after all this time I have learned one valuable lesson when it comes to all this. And that is that sometimes you can’t always listen to what your heart is telling you to do. It can be very misleading in the message that it sends you and keep you in a situation that is not favorable for you at all.

Being the emotional creatures that we are, we women have always struggled with this “Head Over Heart” concept. Our hearts are much more powerful than we think. And lead us to believe some of the most foolish things sometimes. They make us think that we are in love, which sometimes we actually are. But a lot of times, it’s all a fluke. They make us always look for the silver lining in a dark, cloudy relationship when that cloud is just as black as ever. Not a silver lining in sight. Our hearts can really get the best of us at times, leading us to put ourselves in situations that we will regret for the rest of our lives; some that could even cost us our lives. As our hearts’ voices are very hard to ignore at times, we should really stop and put some thought into what it is that we are doing. I encourage all of you to be smart about the choices that you make when it comes to your partner and the relationships that you get into. And let your decisions not be based solely on your heart. And let your head take the lead role instead. After all, your heart technically doesn’t play a factor at all in your emotions and feelings. That’s all controlled by the mind.

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