Skipping Prayer Time: Does God Ever Get Too Tired For Us?

Praying is something that should be done daily no matter what.

By: Taren Vaughan

Taking time out of the day to pray to God is something that should not take much thought at all. It is something that should be done without hesitation. And more importantly, should be done on a regular basis. Now some of us have more complex schedules than others; especially if we are married with kids, having to take care of family and travel back and forth to basketball games and play rehearsals. 24 hour days are just not enough for you to get everything done that you need to without becoming extremely exhausted. But even when we are absolutely drained from the activities of our days, we should never get to the point where we are too tired to get on our knees and thank God for the things that He has done for us.

Praying to God is not like going to the gym. You may skip hitting the weights a time or two throughout the week. Or you may decide to take a rain check on running that mile that you normally do right after work. Skipping these activities ever so often won’t hurt a thing. But skipping those moments with God where it’s just you and Him is not something that should be gone undone because we are tired. The beauty of praying is that it can be done during anytime of the day that you choose. God is a flexible God. His office hours are infinite, therefore He is always willing to sit and talk with you whenever you feel like talking to Him. So because He gives us all these opportunities to converse with Him, how is it that we manage to skip prayer time?

As hectic as things can become around us, there are some things that just simply won’t get done. But if it comes to the point where we have to eliminate an activity from our agendas, praying should definitely not be one of them. Somewhere within those 24 hours, we can surely find time to pray. Think about it, do you think God ever gets too tired to listen to our concerns and needs? He is always available to us 24/7. So how hard can it be to set aside a few minutes to let Him know how much you appreciate all that He has done for you? It’s doesn’t require nearly as much effort as a workout at the gym does that’s for sure. So before we say we are too tired to give God some praise at least once during the day, think about where you would be without Him.

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