Tackle The Colder Weather Skin Blues With These Natural Weapons

The colder months are harsh on skin, but here are 5 natural ingredients to gorgeous skin despite the cold weather.

By: Amanda Anderson
Colder months can only mean one thing for skin: intense dryness. Often times, we depend on a large variety of products to achieve moisture during the harsh seasons, but in all reality, expensive products aren’t always the best options for our skin. And with many products, it’s usually one main natural ingredient that locks in moisture and makes our skin simply radiant, and it’s these ingredients that you should include in your regime regularly during the seasons that are harder on your particular skin type. So before you go off on a tangent and purchase expensive products that promise you the best skin you’ve even seen, it’s always smarter to look to the natural God given treasures to get gorgeous skin you never thought you could have in a not so skin friendly season. 
1. Vitamin E
Vitamin E is one of the most underrated essentials to great skin. The reason this particular ingredient is first on my list is because it actually helps skin in two ways: moisture and toning up. 
For a bad case of dry skin, Vitamin E has been proven to enhance moisture quickly and even add a glow to all skin types. With continued use, Vitamin E can clear up marks, acne, and those infamous and irritating dry patches. A gel capsule should do the trick, so invest in a bottle of them. Use a small needle to squeeze out Vitamin E from the capsule and apply to your skin. Use it daily and watch your skin transform into something gorgeous.
2. Shea Butter
Naturals love the amazing results of shea butter on our hair, but it’s also an amazing key to moisture for skin as well. 
If you are having a heard time finding a great moisturizer for your skin, I suggest using plain old shea butter. You won’t need much of it, and it tackles dryness pretty well in any weather. Shea butter has also been a favorite for other skin glitches such as stretch marks, so it’s no question that it should be a crucial part of your skin regime daily.
3. Aloe Vera
These days it’s extremely hard to find a skin product that works that doesn’t contain aloe vera. Particularly known for it’s moisturizing abilities, aloe vera is also effective in battling against itchiness. Since the colder months are notoriously known for not only drying out skin but causing some intense itching; this ingredient is crucial in skin care during the colder seasons.
4. Olive Oil
It’s no secret that black women naturally have a more oily skin type, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use oils on our faces. And if you’re going to use an oil on your skin, it ought to be olive oil. 
Olive oil not only adds moisture, but it also tones up skin. For those who use olive oil regularly, they will begin to see a new radiance in their skin tone. This particular oil also provides elasticity, and therefore tackles wrinkling and bad aging of the skin. 
For dry skin, gently massage a little olive oil on all dry areas. Applying it to baths is also effective in tackling dry skin. 
5. Honey
Great on moisture, honey is one of Cleopatra’s most popular beauty secrets. It’s beneficial to skin for many reasons, but it’s biggest strength is its ability to retain water, which is the foundation of moisture. 
To get the most out of honey, combine it with water for a quick facial cleanse and milk for a luxurious bath soak. You will begin to see ageless and acne free skin with continued use.
While these ingredients demonstrate that natural ingredients can be beneficial to the skin in the harsher seasons, if you’re not comfortable with going all natural, it can be almost just as effective to purchase products that contain these natural ingredients. Make sure you purchase products that do not contain any harmful ingredients to your skin, and contain plenty of moisturizers.

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