Charles Barkley Labels Kobe Bryant As One of The Greatest Ever

By: Taren Vaughan

While many have given Kobe Bryant the title as one of the greatest NBA basketball players ever, that comment would be of no real validity without the input of a certain someone.

It’s not Air Jordan this time folks. But “Sir Charles” has spoken on the Black Mamba’s untouchable skills on the basketball court. And if you know anything about Charles Barkley, you should know that he is not afraid to speak his mind about a player. During a recent airing of TNT’s “Inside the NBA”, Barkley coined Bryant as not only a great player in general, but the ultimate cream of the crop.

Barkley’s comments to Kenny Smith on Kobe:

Barkley: “Remember last week that I said that Kobe Bryant was one of the 10 greatest NBA players ever. I want to change that”

Smith: “To what?”

Barkley: “He’s one of the five greatest ever”

Well there you have it. Yet another former NBA superstar has crowned Kobe Bryant as one of the greats. Now as Sir Charles doesn’t speak for everyone of course, but his comments are far from, as he would put it, “turrible”. So far this season, the Laker star has managed to average over 26 points per game already with NBA basketball not even in full swing yet. Love him or hate him, this man has some serious talent.

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