Sexy Natural Hair: Secrets to Gorgeous Big Hair

Want sexy big hair? Here’s how to get it without relying on products.

By: Amanda Anderson
Natural hair may be fabulous as is, but just like our relaxed sisters, we’re always trying to achieve the perfect look, and ultimately the perfect big hair. Considered sexy, fearless, and bold; big hair has it’s way of standing out in a crowd. There may be many types of natural hair, but it’s usually a particular hair style or styling method itself that will give you the volume you’ve been looking for to turn a few heads. Here’s the top styles, tools, and methods to get the kind of sexy big hair you have been dreaming of.
1. The Pick
You’ll need to keep a pick close by to bring some of your favorite natural hair styles to life. After my big chop, my immediate style was the tried and true braid out. I always prefer big hair unless I am being tied down to professionalism (yes, folks are still ignorant about natural hair), so naturally, I would have to use my handy pick to achieve the volume I desired. But be warned, too much use of the pick will result in an afro and less curl definition. 
When styling, gently take the pick and lift up roots and the middle sections of your hair. This will achieve instant volume. Remember, oil is key to minimizing frizz.
2. Finger Separating and Shingling
Rather it’s a twist out, braid out, or bantu knots, I find that using my fingers for separating gives me the big hair I love. Of course you’ll need oil to cut down the frizz, but gently use your fingers to separate curls. I find that dividing my curls once or twice is enough. Anymore than that, I am dealing with less definition, and an afro.
Shingling is a great method to define curls, and evenly spread products into your hair. When doing a wash and go, shingling can be used to add volume and make curls more evident.
3. Bantu Knots
Want big fluffy hair easy? Well Bantu Knots is the ultimate style for volume and body. This is by far one of my favorite hair styles when I want big fluffy hair with no fuss, and no twists or braids. I find that bigger Bantu Knots give me bigger hair, while smaller ones give me more definition. I love this style because it’s easy. But be warned that everyone doesn’t get it right on the first try. 
My only complaint is that this style takes forever to dry, but it’s a signature look that I can always depend on when I don’t have time to twist or braid.

This video from a natural hair vlogger throughly explains this method.

4. Chunky Braid Outs and Twist Outs
As you will learn as a natural, volume is sometimes all in how you style your hair. For more definition, it’s better to use smaller twists and braids; but for more volume, it’s always better to use bigger braids and twists. 
Styling on dry hair also helps, but the biggest factor is the size of the braids and twists. Fewer braids/twists always results in bigger hair. To maintain definition at the  crown, use smaller twists/braids at the front.

This video from a natural hair vlogger demonstrates how to achieve this method.

5. The Pigtail Overnight Method
Satin bonnets are great for overnight care, but if you aren’t up for re-twisting or braiding your hair at night, I suggest keeping away from the bonnets. Bonnets flatten the hair, and will decrease volume. Instead, divide your hair into four sections (gently) with small elastic bands into four pig tails. If you like, you can retwist or braid two pieces in the front, but be sure to take out the pig tails in the morning. Your shape, volume, and length should be preserved thanks to the pig tail method.
Although this is a great way to maintain your style at night, I don’t suggest wearing your hair out more than once every other night. To prevent tangling, try to re-braid and twist or bantu knot your hair every other day when you’re not using the pig tail method. 
As you can see, great volume doesn’t require expensive hair products, heat, or inconvenient styling methods. Just a good old fashioned pick, smart styling with bigger braids/twists/knots, and smarter overnight maintenance. Be sure to keep your hair moisturized, and hydrated daily to keep your hair healthy. 


  1. Hey Amanda,I have a quick question on bantu knots. When you do your bantu knots, do you two strand twist or just twist with one strand? I've done the one strand twist, and I didn't like the results. I'm thinking it's because I didn't two strand twist. Let me know which method is better for you.Thanks.

  2. Hey Nicky,I actually did a one strand twist my first few bantu knot outs, and I didn't love it. It looked okay, but I knew I could achieve better if I did two strand twists instead. Like I thought, the two strand twists worked out a lot better, gave me more definition and lasted longer. So I suggest you do two strand twists, than knot them. You'll love the results. Practice makes perfect for most with this style, but it didn't take long for me to master it once I did two strand twists. Hope this helps.

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