The Rays of Hope That God Gives

It’s the little bright spots that get us through our rough moments in life.

By: Taren Vaughan

“If it ain’t one thing, it’s another”. I’m sure we have all felt this way a time or two about the things that we go through in life. It seems like every time you look up, something horrible is happening to you. Loved ones keep passing away left and right, you can’t keep your finances in order to save your life and health problems are slowing you down and even one of the main causes for your financial hardships. In some cases, these things don’t happen back to back. They simply all come crashing down on us at once. Hard times come knocking at every last one of our doors. And there is no way to duck and dodge them. But Thank God for the little piece of happiness that He does allow to come our way in the midst of bad situations.

God sends down those rays of hope, those joyous moments that truly remind us that there is always a bright side to everything. No matter how rough it gets and no matter how bad it may appear to be, He reveals to us over and over again that there is some good behind the things that we go through. You may not have gotten that job offer but you got some good experience that will prepare you for your next interview. Your bank account may be looking extra dry at the moment but all your essential bills are paid and you have clothes, food and a place to live.

Stop and think about the positive aspect of your struggle instead of just looking at all the negative ones. I’m sure you will find a bright spot in there somewhere. That is much easier said than done sometimes as our frustrations don’t allow us to see it that way. We get so overwhelmed with what is going on that we can’t bring ourselves to really believe that anything good is going to happen. But just when we begin to think this way, God steps in and adds a little sunshine to those dark moments that we have.

These uplifting moments, even if they only last for a minute or two, are just enough to put someone in good spirits again. No, the trial may not be completely over, but now you can deal with it much better than before. To be honest, sometimes that is all we need to keep going, keep pressing forward with what we are doing. The one thing that rays of hope give us is just that…Hope. A combination of that and our strong faith in God and His power to improve our situations will allow us to overcome the worst of problems and issues that we are having. So Let’s Thank God for the rays of hope that He provides us with. They really do make those rocky times in our lives so much easier to deal with.

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