Is He Worth It? The Personality Traits of a Good Lover

Every good lover has a particular set of characteristics.

By: Amanda Anderson

Sex can be very good or very bad depending on the lover, and for women, sometimes we’re naturally attracted to the most incompatible of lovers. Physical attraction is the least of concern when it comes to sexual compatibility, as it’s important to have lovers that share our same sexual interests and desires. A fine man won’t necessarily be the best sexually, as it all really boils down to personality and one’s complete outlook on sex. Selecting that partner isn’t as easy as it should be, as it’s even harder to distinguish who is not the best relationship wise; so naturally, it’s quite understandable why so many women unknowingly continue to love and sex the wrong type of men.

If you want to win big in love, and ultimately sex, here are the personality traits that you should be looking for in men. Be warned that these men have no certain look, no certain height, or any other physical requirement; but it is their views on sex that separates them from the selfish lovers who aren’t up for pleasing women.

1. Humility.

Yes, you read right. Humility is one of the most dominant traits of a good lover. Let’s discuss the arrogant lover so you can begin to understand why a humble lover is the better of the two.

Arrogant lovers tend to only have one person in mind when they engage in sex…themselves. Yeah, you’re there physically, but they aren’t there to please you. Instead they are only there to please themselves. You won’t intentionally land an orgasm with the arrogant lover, but they’ll get theirs several times.

In contrast, the humble lover gets pleased from pleasing you. That’s right, he gets off from you getting off. Mistakenly labeled as a sexual servant, humble lovers might seek to please, but they get pleasure from your pleasure…which ultimately is “our pleasure.” There is no “I” with this man, but only “we.” He’s the kind of man so many women will pass up until they ultimately see him from what he is…the sexual superior, and not the inferior man you’ve mistakenly labeled him as in contrast to the selfish arrogant man who doesn’t know more about sex than his own ejaculation.

The arrogant lover is easy to spot as he is often the most boastful with no cause, against oral sex unless he’s on the receiving end, and completely ignorant to the female orgasm, but unwilling to learn. Stay away from any man demonstrating any of these characteristics. He’s all show, and the show ain’t all that.

2. Romance.

Now when I say romance, I don’t mean that this brother needs to send you a dozen roses everyday to make you climax. But what I am referring to is the man who isn’t ashamed to make you feel special with the right words and the right gestures. And he’ll take this mentality right into the bedroom, where he will naturally excel in foreplay and sexual stimulation.

It’s rather simple…a man that isn’t afraid to demonstrate romance outside the bedroom, won’t fret showing you romance inside the bedroom. And we all know that romance in the bedroom is where romance really counts. No woman wants to feel like some sexual conquest, versus feeling completely loved and satisfied during sex.

3. The Great Listener.

A good lover is not one who’s born that way. But instead, a good lover is one that listens.

If you are a woman that knows your body, knows what you like, and knows what you need sexually; you’ll have no problem telling your partner that. Now the right partner, will listen and take heed to whatever it is that you say. While listening to your words may be crucial, listening to your body is a skill that your partner and significant other needs to have in order for you to be pleased sexually. If he can’t listen, then he can’t please.

4. Loyalty.

This may seem like a given, but most people don’t truly understand how crucial loyalty is to a healthy sexual partnership. If your man isn’t loyal, the sex could possibly be better with the other women he is sleeping with.

When a man is no longer loyal to his woman, you won’t get his best sex. His best sex will instead be reserved for his sideline woman, and it won”t be long before you’ll begin to tell there’s another.

But when a man is loyal, it’s important to him to do everything he can to make sure you are getting yours. Loyalty just brings out the best in people.

5. Passion and a healthy dose of stamina.

Can he go all night, most importantly, does he want to?

We’re not technically at the age where men are physically unable to perform longer sexually, but passion is and will always be completely optional. A passionate man will always outrank the one who lacks passion to be with you sexually. If there is passion, there’s no holding back, and a constant desire to maintain a healthy sexual union.

If your man has lost his passion, expect there to be trouble very soon in your relationship.

While these may be the traits of a good lover and a man that is able to please you in the bedroom, keep in mind that you as his loving partner, should embody every single one of these traits as well to increase your chances of pleasing your partner and having the best sex ever. It may be crucial for a woman to be with a man who can please her sexually, but it doesn’t mean that a man shouldn’t be just as happy in the sexual relationship. Besides, sex is always better when both people are satisfied.

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