The King’s Home: Was LeBron Affected By His ‘Welcome Back’ Celebration in Cleveland?

By: Taren Vaughan

Homecomings are usually centered around receiving lots of praise for the things that one has accomplished. And are normally the times where people show you how much they appreciate everything that you have done for them. But the one that Cleveland put on for LeBron James this past Thursday night was far from that. Even though his welcome back celebration was far from joyous, did it at all affect James’ performance?

Well, let’s see. He scored 38 points, leading the Heat to a 118-90 win against his former team. James’ points alone were 10 more than the combined total of the Cavs starters. Sounds like he was just fine to me, despite all the excess chatter from the fans.

Even a few members of the Cavs coaching staff let a few choice words spill out when LeBron came their way. Now that’s not the way to greet your former king Cleveland. The “Queen James” signs, random outbursts from the crowd and oh let’s not forget the “Akron Hates You” chant that some clever fan came up with. Despite all this going on around him, “King” James definitely lived up to his name Thursday night and the Cavs got a quick reminder of just how lethal he is on a basketball court.

As fans were probably salty about the “L” that they took against Bron Bron and his new friends, their anger still stems from his departure from the team earlier this year. It’s about time for Cavs fans to get over this whole LeBron thing. It’s pretty pathetic to still be hanging on to how he left you high and dry. We got that point a long time ago. The way some of these Cavs fans are acting, you would think they were married to the man or something. All the foul talking and crying that they did over him when he left. I’m sorry but it’s time to get a new love of your life guys don’t you think?

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