Can You Walk Away From Good Sex If the Relationship Is Bad?

What do you do when he sexes you better than he treats you?

By: Amanda Anderson
Most women can agree that good sex ain’t easy to come across. There may be a good man shortage considering who you ask, but good sex is still a bedroom myth for most women in a society where men are oblivious to the female libido and the importance of good foreplay. Men continue to independently label themselves as coochie monsters and oral sex gods, yet women find themselves pleasing more than they are getting pleased. How we all want that one man and significant other that can excite us in the bedroom just as much as he satisfies us outside of it. Surely a man can be good in bed, and even better in the relationship, right? That’s the hope that women continue to cling to disappointment after disappointment, and fake orgasm after fake orgasm. It gets old fast…so where the hell is he anyway?
So when a woman finds good sex, she’ll quickly snatch it up and slap a love label on it. Doesn’t matter that the man giving it ain’t nothing short of an impostor with a great head game, and the ability to move his hips like a professional. However, this man is trouble. And I’m not talking about trouble in the good way that will leave you staying in on the weekends more than you used to for some um…quality time. I’m talking about the kind of trouble that will leave a woman heartbroken and damn near out of her mind. Crazy, di-k obsessed…it’s surely not a good look when you can’t leave a piss poor relationship because the sex is so damn good. Yet so many women are handcuffed by some man’s genitalia. We’re addicted to penises when we should be addicted to being treated right.
Think about it…
There’s always some gorgeous girlfriend of ours who can’t seem to leave some pathetic loser who keeps her in tears more than he returns her phone calls. The relationship is deteriorating, yet she can’t seem to garner up the backbone needed to stand up for herself. Sometimes we wonder if it’s an extensive history or a good heart that keeps her there despite the bulls-it; but it’s not her big heart or their big past that keeps that woman’s that big penis, and that amazing make up session she can depend on after he apologizes for treating her like trash, again.
We’ve always been told that our vaginas are powerful. But maybe it’s about time we talk about the hypnotic abilities of the penis.
A man can control a woman just as much as a woman can control a man through sex. Men know this, so they get over their disgust with oral sex in their early 20s, all in hopes to become a master in sex, and the ultimate sexual captivator. Practice makes perfect, and eventually they get better, and eventually they become good.
Good enough to make you settle for less than when you usually don’t settle for less. 
You went from putting men in their place to staying in your place waiting for the bastard to show up to your house for that quality time he’s been promising for two weeks…you’re a prisoner in your own house because the only thing that can save you is his penis. The shackles ain’t around your feet, they’re actually above your knees.
Here’s the thing, learn to love a man with your heart, not your vagina. Sex is sex, it damn sure ain’t love, or some sort of ransom that should be used to keep you miserable in a mediocre relationship with amazing sex. If a man sexes you good but treats you bad, who do you love more? His penis or your heart?
It’s not easy to walk away from a bad situation when your heart’s in it, but it’s even harder when your vagina’s in it, so be the smarter woman, and never allow a man to control you sexually. He needs to treat you right if he’s going to sex you, and he shouldn’t be kept around if bedroom pleasin’ is all he has to offer you. 
Was I a little too graphic? Don’t worry it’s all in love…I just don’t want my sisters to be anyone’s sex slave in exchange for half ass relationships and broken promises. Besides, there’s a million penises, I mean men, in the world. So don’t settle for the one attached to the selfish bastard, when there is one attached to a good man out there for the woman who refuses to settle. 
Good sex and love…you can always have both.

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