Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: Does He Have A Split Personality?

Beware of the “Man of many faces”.

By: Taren Vaughan

Sweet, caring, charming and a good sense of humor; these are some of the key qualities that your man possesses and are some of the very reasons why you two hit it off so well in the beginning stages of your relationship. Well liked by your friends and family and always a respectful individual, you just can’t bring yourself to spend one minute without your love. As it gets to the point where your man could be no more perfect than he already is, he flips the script on you, turning into a crazed maniac that you don’t even recognize anymore. Every little thing that you say to him sets him off. He blows up at you over minor situations or incidents, ones that you know good and well “your man” would have never gotten that angry about.

Who the hell is this guy? This can’t be the same man that just finished wooing you and being all over you less than 24 hours ago. Oh but trust honey it’s him alright, just in rare form. It would only take a matter of time for him to officially show you his “other side”, shocking the pure hell out of you in the process.

Guessing you weren’t aware of this personality trait huh?

But just before you get to the point of totally writing him off, he goes back to his normal self again, all in your face and telling you how much he loves you and cares for you. How is that possible though? One minute, your man can be the sweetest person in the world and catering to your every need and desire only to turn around and become a total bastard all within the blink of an eye? Sounds like a good ole case of the “Jekyll and Hyde” syndrome. This syndrome is seen quite often and if not recognized immediately can lead you into one of the worst relationships of your life. The unfortunate part about this syndrome is that often times it doesn’t rear its ugly head until months, or sometimes even years into the relationship. Hell, you could have two kids and a dog with this fool by then. Any sudden changes in his behavior shouldn’t send you out the door at that very second. But by all means, at least keep a mental note of his random outbursts.

Most of the time, there are signs of the potential craziness that lies deep within a man. But we just get so caught up on his “Jekyll” side to see that there is a “Hyde” one to him too. And it could come out at any given moment. He is no longer the gentle soul that you have always known him to be. This man that stands before you may as well be a stranger in your eyes the way he is cuttin’ up and losing his damn mind. Now it’s one thing for your man to throw a temper tantrum every now and then or for him to get a little moody from time to time. That’s to be expected. But when he totally morphs into a whole different person at the drop of a dime that you don’t even recognize, you might want to fall back.

Every man, no matter how calm and collected he claims himself to be, is capable of having a “Jekyll and Hyde” moment every once in awhile. But when it becomes a routine thing for him to do, that’s a definite problem. It’s hard enough to deal with a man with just one personality let alone one that has two. The man of many faces is one to look out for. He may seem like a true catch at first, but he will do a 180 on you in a heart beat.

There’s a thin line between love and hate. But there is damn sure a fine one between sane and crazy. And a “Jekyll and Hyde” type of man is known for crossing it. You might want to be careful with this one.

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  1. I dated a man like that once, we even lived together for a few months but they were the worst months of my life, he l be so sweet one minute and nasty, abusive and controlling the next, parting ways with him was the best decision of my life and even though i have a baby with him, raising him alone while i wait for the right man to come along is enough for me.Word of advice, if you notice a man with this type of syndrome, RUN!!!

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