Barbie Is ‘Dope’: Eve Says That Nicki Minaj Has Skills


By: Taren Vaughan

While so many female emcees have tried their hardest to tear down what Lil’ Wayne has built up in his female protégé Nicki Minaj, there is still one well respected female rapper that hasn’t joined the bandwagon that has banned against the Young Money’s leading lady. Rapper Eve has given her thoughts on the newest edition to the sister circle of Hip-Hop and her skills as a rapper. Let’s just say her comments were not at all reminiscent of “Black Friday”:

Eve’s take on Nicki Minaj’s influence as a rapper:

“Her music is not for every certain type of female.” “She caters, I think, to one type of female”

She spit some truth with that statement right there. She went on to say that she thought Minaj was “dope”. I don’t care if you think Nicki Minaj is the best thing since sliced bread or you think she is as wack as they come. One thing I think we can all agree on, Barbie fanatic or not, is that her music definitely doesn’t speak for every woman out there. But she clearly catches the attention of millions with her animated outbursts here and there on tracks.

Eve went on to make further comments in relation to the state of the Rap game right now and how male dominated it is. Not that it ever was dominated by females at any given point but I think we all feel where she is coming from. Hip-hop is missing the female presence that it once had back in the day. Even in the mid to late ‘90’s, we still had ladies like Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and Eve herself. Probably a good reason why she has been said to be on the verge of releasing a new album next year?

Do you agree with Eve? Is Nicki Minaj really as lyrically savvy as her fans and other Hip-Hop artists proclaim her to be? This dolled up image that she is flaunting could be nothing but a front. Go take a listen to her version of Biggie Smalls’ “Warning” and you be the judge of that.


  1. Do I agree with Eve? Yes!!!! Nicki Minaj caters to ONE type of female. The thing though is how in the heck is she "dope" if she's only catering to one type of female? I can see this type of comment coming from a female that once referred to herself as a "pitbull under a skirt" among other things…… Nicki semi gets my respect from a business perspective, because the girl is DEFINITELY business savvy with her approach to the hip hop game. But to credit her lyrically? "Raah raah like a dungeon dragon?" lol please!

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