Epic Fail of the Week: Kim Kardashian Splits From Latest Beau In Less Than 2 Months

Am I the only one that notices that Kim Kardashian changes boyfriends like a pair of funky drawers? Perhaps Kim suffers from the chronic girlfriend disorder. Some women just can’t stay single, and that doesn’t mean they are a catch.

By: Amanda Anderson
Kim Kardashian is one of the latest no talent having celebrities to be shoved down the public’s throats over the last few years, still making a steady living off a “career” that began with a raggedy and failed attempt at a sex tape with Brandy’s little brother; the Kardashian socialite is clearly here to stay, riding this ridiculous sham of celebrity until the wheels fall off. Regardless, Kim has made a fortune with no real hint of any talent, but with access to purchased booties and simple minded black athletes, she has remained relevant and a staple on the celebrity gossip blogs. She’s now a reality star for some odd reason, and a business woman who manages to make millions from a whole generation of fans who adore a woman who got put on by screwing Ray J. It’s clear Kim got a pass that most black woman couldn’t manage to pull off, since she’s the only one to have screwed Ray J and rake in millions because of it. Who knew Ray J’s penis was a goldmine for the exotic looking women? 
But I digress…no matter how I feel about Kim, she’s managed to make a career out of semen and a lazy and pretty terrible sex game. And with a high profile career and celebrity status comes the high profile relationships. 
Kim’s expertise seems to be black athletes, with her longest lasting relationship being with the New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. After a rocky relationship complicated even more with even more exotic looking side pieces and fame chasin’ skeezers, the relationship finally came to an end earlier this year.
Months later, Kim had moved on to wide receivers and an entirely different football team. After Reggie, was Miles Austin, the extremely talented receiver of the Dallas Cowboys.
A few months and tabloid stories later…Kim must have got bored, because that relationship ended quickly. Even though the two said it was a mutual decision to split and remain friends, most likely the love affair fizzled because the public was bored, and Kim just needed another relationship that was more tabloid worthy. Let’s be honest, clearly Reggie was the more interesting relationship Kim’s ever been in. 
And then, through some sick twisted fate of the new Hollywood, Kim found a way to Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex boyfriend and super model baby daddy.
The odd couple didn’t last longer than a month.
Now clearly I’m not a Kim Kardashian fan and nor do I keep up with those damn Kardashians, but it’s got to suck to go through failed relationship after failed relationship. Kim may be in the limelight, but her situation isn’t unique in any instance. Sure, she’s a gorgeous woman, but she also can’t seem to keep a man. 
The ironic thing is for Kim to need a man, she clearly can’t keep one. Why? Well, you’d have to look at Kim’s behavior to get why a man could lose interest so early. Some say it’s her attention whoredom, but I think it’s a tad bit deeper than that. The fact of the matter is, as independent as Kim tries to portray herself as, the woman is extremely needy. Better descried as women who suffer from the Chronic Girlfriend Disorder, they view the single life as a struggle and the ultimate downgrade in their social status.
These women need relationships to feel better about themselves.
Simply put, they are too fabulous to be alone. Yet they always end up alone. And that’s usually because they come off as too needy. Sure men need women and women need men, but some women need a relationship. It doesn’t matter with who, they just need the label to feel important. And that’s a dangerous mentality that will keep them hopping from one relationship to another…and before they know it, they will be damn near 40 years old switching out boyfriends, while the patient former single gals became wives and mothers.
Am I being too harsh? 
I’m not trying to be, but I do hope that these women eventually come to the conclusion that singlehood doesn’t make a woman pathetic, but relationship dependency does. 
And if you look at Kim K, it also makes you pretty damn easy to discard. It’s hard to see how great Kim is when men can’t stay with her longer than a couple of months. But maybe if she and all the relationship addicted women took a few months or even a year to love and learn self, then just maybe it would be harder to walk away from them. Ever notice how hard it is for a man to walk away from a woman who doesn’t need him? Yep.
You can be gorgeous, successful, and have the perfect body; but if you can’t learn to be by yourself; don’t expect any man to sweep you off of your feet. To be lovable, you have to love yourself first. And how can anyone do that if they can’t even stand to be by themselves?
Marinate on that…
Kim K’s managed to break her own record of speedy break ups…epic fail.

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