Relationship Addict: The Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome

Ever noticed that the women who need a man can’t seem to keep one? It’s the Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome.

By: Amanda Anderson 

With the tabloids still buzzing on Kim Kardashian’s most recent split with latest beau Gabriel Aubrey, it’s evident that even the most gorgeous and successful women can’t necessarily get it right with men and relationships. Kardashian herself has had plenty of practice with a failed marriage, and the two recent splits with NFL superstars…yet, again, she is manless and in search for her perfect match. But when it comes to love and steady relationships, it’s apparent that Kim and women like herself are more concerned with just being in a relationship. It doesn’t matter too much who they are in a relationship with, as long as they have a title. These women need a man so bad that they can’t even keep one. It’s kind of insane that the women who usually embody these qualities are usually corporate monsters and degree totting divas, but when it comes to relationships, they’re quite dependent. Oh yes, that independence flies right out the window when it comes to securing the label of all labels: girlfriend. Notice how they are so concerned with being girlfriends that they rarely become wives? It’s just a classic case of the Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome. In most cases, it isn’t men holding us back from steady relationships and successful romances. It is us, and our ridiculous dependency of holding a title with people we shouldn’t even be screwing. In return, we’re getting screwed, and getting dumped because we’re trying too hard to avoid the single life, when it is the single life that best prepares a woman for the romantic life. 

These women didn’t get the memo that singlehood isn’t punishment or some nasty mark of shame. It’s actually a training period and the best source of clarity. It’s interesting how it’s the single women walking around with clearer heads and understanding, but the forever girlfriends are looking for clarity and validation in men. 
So who’s more pathetic? The single woman who doesn’t mind being alone and patient for the right man or the relationship addict who can’t even keep a man because her neediness trumps her sex appeal?
One will get discarded like trash while one won’t even put herself in a situation to be someone’s else’s garbage.
But we can’t totally blame those suffering from the Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome for their questionable views on men and single women.
Single women have gotten a bad rep from awful Tyler Perry films and poorly written R&B “anthems” written by Keri Hilson and others who have just recently pledged their alliance to the R&B skank association, and somehow, they’ve manage to perpetrate that single women are angry and unable to take responsibility and screwing and cuffing the worst of men. 
And who the hell wants to be that woman?
What better way to not be that woman than to keep your ass unavailable label wise, but be too available to a series of men who can’t find you attractive past the gorgeous face because you’re too damn needy?
Lining up prospective boyfriends while watching your current relationship falter isn’t smart or great planning…it’s actually just desperate. You haven’t even managed to become the amazing woman you’ve set out to be because you’re too busy chasing after the girlfriend label. Your addiction has your glass half empty in a society half full of bullsh-t. Unfortunately for you, needy women usually attract the bullsh-t because they never took the time to learn how to select partners because they are too busy hopping in and out of relationships. Relationship hopping doesn’t make you wiser, it actually just keeps you somebody’s fool.
If you never sit and evaluate what you’ve done wrong, you can never get it right. And you can’t evaluate a damn thing when your number one priority in life is having a relationship.
Kim Kardashianin’ when you could be self reflectin’ isn’t wise. But it’s the best method to losing a man, and laying up with the wrong ones in exchange for temporary labels.
So if you or someone close to you is a victim to the Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome, get help before your love life begins to look a lot like Kim’s…a sad repeat on a lesson she should have learned after the first failed relationship. 
Why chase temporary labels, when clarity can lead you to permanent happiness? 


  1. I have a few girlfriends who suffer from this disorder…lol. Hopefully they will realize that it's not so bad to be to yourself for awhile. Relationships are better off when we take time to find ourselves before hand. Can't do that if you're always in a relationship.

  2. "The Chronic Girlfriend Syndrome"I love it. So true and so personal to me. I used to be that woman. It's when I became secure by myself that the love of my life finally came, but I had to learn how to be by myself for a couple of years. It was scary at first because I am the chick who always has a boyfriend. But I finally felt free when I withdrew from relationships for a while.

  3. This is so true, and it's sad that we all probably know a few people that jump from relationship top relationship attempting to find security. Smh…but how can you find security in a relationship if you're not even secure in yourself! Relationships won't amount to much if you don't cultivate the most important one with yourself first! Have self-love(not selfish love, though) before you love others!

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