The Smart Single Woman: Are You Looking for Magnums or Love?

Why are some of us more concerned with a man’s penis size versus the way he treats us?

By: Amanda Anderson
Let me first say, that as always, I write this in complete love for all of my sisters. But in order to be a smart single woman, a reality check is needed from time to time, and we all need someone to call us out on a poisonous mindset that could be potentially keeping us from landing success in love and selecting men. But I have to ask, why are some of us looking for those golden wrappers before we look for good character? And no, I ain’t trippin…I am simply stating that too many women are more concerned with a man’s penis size than his character, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why.
Some of us are single because we chase big penises but chase away the nice guys.
How many times have we had late night conversations with our girls and dished on what we just had to have in a man, and at least one of our single friends blurts out that he better wear magnums and not those tiny little Trojans? And while we may laugh and remember the night as a great night with the girls…secretly, we wonder if she’s really that naive enough to have a man’s penis size at the top of her list of requirements. 
I mean seriously, it’s like we’re more concerned with sex than we are with how a man treats us. These women are the same ones who won’t date the nice guys because they don’t have backbones, but they’ll allow a man to mistreat them as long as he is carrying magnums.
So who’s really the one without a backbone? The man who is secure enough with himself to treat a woman right or the woman who will let a man treat her like sh-t as long as he has a big penis?
For years, women have notoriously pointed fingers at men for being too concerned with sex and unable to think with anything but their groins. But only an idiot couldn’t see that lately, most women have been thinking with their vaginas more than they have been using their God given common sense.
Men are dogs we say, but we’ve been bad bitches for the last decade, sexing dudes and discarding them like we have penises, and yet, we continue to call foul on men for running game and running through women like marathons.
We’ve done everything except lift our legs up to take a piss.
And since the bad bitch evolution, at the top of our list of what we need from a man, is his damn penis size.
We’re single, but we are still getting screwed pretty damn good, but most of us don’t have love because it didn’t come with a gold wrapper.
Now this isn’t an attempt to persecute the big penis chasing women…I understand that we all have our sexual preferences.
But understand this: sexual preferences should never top your list of needs in a society where good relationships have become scarce but sexually transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire.
A woman’s first concern should always be how a man treats her, not the kind of condom he can fit into. If he treats you good and happens to wear magnums…perfect.
But if you’re turning down a good man because he wears Trojans or doesn’t have the biggest penis you’ve ever seen, you’ve totally missed the whole concept of love. And it’s when we look to be screwed, that we get screwed over.
So if you’re a smart single woman, let’s focus on being treated right, versus being screwed good.
Because a bad man with a big penis can screw you twice…and that’s not a good thing.

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