Epic Fail of the Week: Gucci Gets Arrested Again, And Waka Allegedly Dabbles into Prostitution Business

By: Amanda Anderson

If there’s anything that I cannot stand, it’s rich, but dumb ass rappers. Yes, I bob my head to hip hop and can recite lyrics with the best of ’em, and I’ll admit rap has it’s place on my Ipod; but the conversation turns drastically when I discuss who’s on the other side of my headphones. Yes, I’m boogie and I think I’m too damn good to listen to a bumbling idiot over dope beats…and I don’t care that he’s the hottest artist out right now. Why? Because even though dope beats and tight hooks can earn someone a living in a travesty of an economy, I have a problem with supporting any rapper who believes it’s okay to add unnecessary consonants and vowels to words that don’t even come close to describing what he is, or could remotely become…or worse, any grown man who thinks it perfectly okay to run with a name that resembles the sound of gunfire.

Silly me, or better yet, serious me, I find it kind of hard to support artists who promote violence and ignorance in our communities, when it’s the mostly young black kids killing each other like savages in some ghetto near you.

I digress, let me stop before someone labels me as a hater, which really stands for an uppity negro who prefers education over fly by night rap careers by untalented coons who keep our kids defeated, but sleep cozy at night as long as the money rolls in.
But this ain’t that kind of article.
Instead, my biggest beef with any of these “rappers” is how they manage to take their “million dollar” careers and end up smack dab in jail over some bullsh-t. Here we are, emulating these knuckleheads for their big mansions and lavish cars…and they can’t even keep their asses out of prison long enough to fall off and become a has been with the rest of the wack rappers we were hoping we’d forget in a few years.
You would think after all that bragging they do on every single track about what they have and what they spend…they wouldn’t want to end up in prison, which will part them from their materialistic obsessions, and in essence, the love of their lives.
They love money so much, but they throw it away quickly by some stupid decision such as doing drugs in the car with their down ass baby momma turned brand new wife or running prostitution rings in between studio time.
Waka Flocka has already been getting the side eye of from me since his whole Geometry fiasco, but it’s the possibility that this rapper could possibly have been naive enough to dip into prostitution that makes me want to label him as a lost cause.
What’s worst is this probably makes the third time that Gucci Mane finds himself locked up and talked about like an idiot. Gucci has clearly made a name for himself and achieved stardom that most rappers can only dream about, but he keeps putting his career on hold for his many bouts with prison.
I understand every rapper can’t be deep and intellectual like Nas, run multi businesses like Jay, or change the game like Pac and Biggie…but damn, they don’t have to be complete idiots either.
The compassionate side of me wants to encourage these brothers to do better in their lives and stop being the stereotypical “n-ggas” who will sell out their own people for materialistic possessions, but deep down inside, part of me knows that it takes a certain kind of individual to go back to prison a second, third, and even fourth time. And that’s one who is incapable of listening, so I’ll save my breath for someone who realizes the purpose of the two openings at the side of their heads.

It’s possible that Waka could be completely innocent…but if he has been dabbing into prostitution amidst his emerging rap career, his intelligence is fair game.

If you are making millions by throwing around bad grammar and incomprehensible phrases and believe Geometry to be the perfect career choice for someone who loves to crunch numbers, the least you can do, is refrain from getting locked up for committing crimes dumber than the lyrics you’ve been pushing to the masses.
Is that too much to ask mane?
Yeah, I couldn’t resist. Epic fail on so many levels and hopefully Waka is innocent.

To much is given, much is required. It’s time for these lucky rappers to place themselves in better situations, and ultimately out of trouble.

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