6 Signs That You’re Just A Side Chick

Are you just a side chick? Men reveal what separates an option from a priority.

By: Amanda Anderson
In our haste to break unwanted bouts with loneliness, sisters are scrambling to find bed fillers, and racking up on half ass relationships with men who were only meant to be in the meantimes. Despite a lack luster dating life, destruction usually occurs when women commit themselves to uncommitted men. These unfortunate occurrences almost always begin with a man wiling to go out of his way to please in the beginning, only to become completely lazy and disinterested later. But to most women, laziness is normal…right? Aren’t all men unable to devote their complete attention to their woman as the honeymoon phase wears off and aren’t we supposed to push and pull our way through the entire relationship?
It would seem that most women do believe this behavior to be the usual, but this only demonstrates that so many women are under the impression that they are serious girlfriends and “wifeys,” when in all actuality, they are nothing more than certified side chicks.
Many women believe they could tell if they were nothing more than sideline action, but it’s when we lower our standards of how a man should be treating us that we end up on the sidelines and downgraded into some bastard’s plaything.
Although I have always had my assumptions, curious to know just exactly distinguishes a side chick for the real deal, I asked multiple men just what behavior they classified as sideline pimpin’. I like many other women, desire to know just how do they treat the sidechicks, why do they have them, and how do you know when you yourself are nothing more that a jumpoff…or just something to do until something better comes along. You see, women are trying to cuff up their in the meantimes, while men are pushing their in the meantimes to the side, and effectively treating them like side chicks.
Men treat their options like options, while women treat theirs like their last chance. 
Maybe we can put our prospects to the side when they’ve so blatantly pushed us to the sidelines.
Here are the top signs men say signals that you my dear are a side chick.
1. You only get phone calls late at night. Does after midnight ring a bell?
The number one reason a man will say he calls a woman late at night is because he’s “too busy.” But it’s not really that he’s too busy, you just aren’t that important enough to call during the day. In fact, you’re only relevant during booty call hours. If a man is serious about a woman, it won’t take him the whole day to remember her.

“I guess the crazy thing is, so many women haven’t caught on to the fact that it’s not normal for a man to call you only during late nights. He doesn’t even care enough to check on you and see how your day is going, but you’re giving him the goods when he comes over late at night. And because they keep allowing it, we keep doing it. Any woman I was really feeling didn’t have to wait until midnight to see and hear from me. But the ones that I just wanted to have sex with, only got my attention after midnight. It’s hard to love a woman who allows that kind of behavior. Is it wrong of me, yeah it is, but some women set themselves up and we just oblige.” – Adam K.

2. You have been fooling around with this man for a year and you still haven’t met his family.
“I’m not that close with my family…” is one of the biggest and most ridiculous excuses a man will use for not introducing a side chick (who doesn’t know she’s a side chick) to his family. He won’t even budge if you introduce him to yours, and it can truly frustrate any woman.
But a man won’t introduce a woman he isn’t sure about to his family. And if you’re just an option to him, don’t expect to ever meet his family. In this predicament, the only thing he is sure of is that he likes sleeping with you. 
If you haven’t met his friends or family after a year, you’re clearly just an option he enjoys sleeping with.

“I’m not saying I have the best relationship with my family, but there is no way that I am going to be involved with someone seriously and not bring them around the fam. A year is enough time to figure out what you want with someone, if you still haven’t met my family after a year and we’re sleeping together, you’re not someone I really want to be with on a serious level, and yeah, I’m going to be looking for that woman I want to bring around while kicking it with you.” – Nicholas B.

3. You’re past the getting to know you phase, and you’re still without a title although he’s sleeping with you consistently.
It is imperative that we take our time to get to know people before we get into serious relationships with them, yet, we’ll engage in sex with people without any concrete relationship. Much to our demise, it hurts like hell later when we discover there was someone else, and we’re eventually left alone to pick up the pieces of our phony “relationships.”
If a man is screwing you like you’re together and you’re not together…you need to get it together.

” A man has hit the jackpot when he can get sex anytime he wants it from a woman he’s not even committed to.” – Mike W.

4. He never takes you out on a date.
When’s the last time he took out on a date, when he first met you perhaps?
If all you do is lay around the house and have sex…you’re definitely a side chick. And chances are, he doesn’t want to be seen with you because who he’s really digging doesn’t even know you exist. He’d like to keep it that way while he works on getting the other girl. And the other girl is usually the one who wouldn’t tolerate that type of behavior. She has higher standards, and he just loves it.

” I understand women like to go out on dates and be treated to expensive dinners, but I won’t spend money on a chick that I only plan to sleep with. It’s a recession, and I’d rather spend my money on the woman who wouldn’t allow me to keep her in the house. I only spend money when I have to. The side chick is relatively cheap.” – Jason T.

5. You’re always catching him with other women.
When you’re a side chick, there are always other women. Since a side chick is merely just an option and something (or someone) to do, men will be constantly meeting and engaging with other women. If you sense other women in the picture, there’s a good chance there are.
This is the one thing that throws so many women for a loop. They feel they have something serious with a man, and they consider the other women side pieces. But if a man is stepping out on you, you’re clearly not his priority, and you aren’t much different from the other side pieces.

“No one is ever faithful to the side chick, but most of them think the others are the jump offs. Men can be faithful, we just have to want to be faithful. If he’s not, you’re just not that serious.” – Blake A.

6. During sex, he doesn’t even try to please you. But he always gets his.
Men who are in love want to please their woman. Men who don’t give two sh-ts just want to beat it up and go about their business. Don’t mistake selfish sex for good sex. 

” If it’s not a serious relationship, I’m not going to care too much about how the sex was for her. I’m going to finish and not think twice about how she felt. But when I am serious about a woman, I am going to learn how body, her needs, wants, and do what I have to do to give her just that. I won’t just beat it up and bounce, not when she means something to me.”- Alan H.


  1. Good Job! Way to lay it all out there! I'm in total agreement with everything that was said! In my opinion there would be no side chicks if there was more self-respect in the world. More women should know their worth and not put up with all this "conditional dating." He's willing to come over and chill on ONE CONDITION…he won't have to commit to anything too serious. If none of us tolerated this "Women-come-a-dime-a-dozen Madness," then who would be their options then? NO ONE, that's who! Instead we'd ALL be exactly what we're intended to be–TOP PRIORITIES!Great Post Amanda!

  2. I am stiuck in a place where I have met his family and I am close with them and he does do things for me and takes me out but I know there is someone else and I can't take it. So He says that he doesn't want to be in a relationship and he will be moving soon but it isn't that simple for me because I want him and just for me. But I do understand that he will be leave soon and I will to but my heart won't let go. We had great sex and always had fun whenever we are out together yet he says he doesn't want to lose me just because he isn't ready to commit right now. I said I'll try but there won't be any friends now & lover's when ever it's convenient for you. The closest I'll go is a hug and kiss on the cheek.

  3. I have seen many of my friends fall for men introducing them to their parents. Many uncommitted men use this as a ruse and manipulation to keep the woman thinking she is “the one”. They will also make consistent comments about getting married in the future. Players will also wine and dine, regardless, because it is still a necessity for “getting it on” very early. A skilled player is not always this easy to read.

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