Eligible Bachelors…Now And Forever: Why Can’t Male Celebrities Say ‘I Do’ ?

Why do male celebrities suffer from cold feet so often?

By: Taren Vaughan

It has become painfully obvious that some men are just not marriage material. Even with a ring on their finger, they will never live up to the husband title that they carry. As there are a lot of fellas out there who have commitment trouble, some of them can at least say that they have given marriage life a chance. Getting in a marriage but for a short period of time is one thing. But what about those men who don’t even make it anywhere near the alter? They came into the game as bachelors and will probably leave the same way…ring-less. And many of these men just so happened to be the ones raking in millions of dollars every year.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been an innovating force within the clothing and music industry for years now. And has pretty much mastered everything from rain dancing in videos to running a successful clothing line. However, the only hurdle that he has yet to jump over is the one that many celeb men seem to get tripped up on…the marriage one. Combs has been linked to several familiar faces such as Jennifer Lopez and model Kim Porter, the mother of his twins and son Christian. With a total of six children, Combs has yet to officially wife up any of these women. As some of us may see problems with this but haven’t been too vocal about it, one woman surely didn’t keep quiet about him being unwed.

On his recent appearance on “The View”, Barbara Walters completely caught Diddy off guard by grilling him about his lack of commitment to any of his baby mamas. Leave it to Barbara to do what she does best, put people on the spot. Even without being prepared for this grill session, Diddy did speak on why he hadn’t put a ring on the hand of any of his children’s mothers:

“Why I’m not married yet, I don’t have the exact reason. Some things in life you don’t have the exact reason.”

“My father was killed when I was three years old… I never got a chance to see the way a family lives, but I’m not making an excuse.”

Diddy is not the only male celeb who has the wedding bell blues. Rapper Lil’ Wayne did say his “I Do’s” to Antonia “Toya” Carter, the mother of his first born back in 2004. But this union did not live up to the phrase “happily ever after” as the couple split shortly after in 2006. Wayne is back to having a naked ring finger again. And just like Combs, he too is a father of many. Other male celebrities have had more luck than Weezy, that is after they eventually making it to the church house. But hell, it took them years to do so. How long was Lala engaged to Carmelo Anthony before they officially tied the knot? My point exactly.

In the celebrity world, failed marriages, and relationships for that matter, are about as common as pink hair on Nicki Minaj. Every time you turn around, someone is on the verge of breaking up or divorcing, many of them have come to the conclusion that marriage is for the birds. Could this be part of the reason why Diddy and many other male celebrities of his status chose not to jump the broom? Or is there a little more to the story than that?

What’s the real deal here? Why can’t these men do like others and take that trip down the aisle?

There are plenty of excuses that they could pull out of their asses as to why they can’t seem to officially settle down with one woman. And even though most of them will not come straight out and admit it, some of them just aren’t willing to give up all the free coochie that sits in their laps. Yes, I said it, free coochie: sex that lacks commitment and is easily distributed on demand. Men of high profile status are what are considered hot commodities in the world of dating. From the finest of the bunch to the ones that aren’t as easy on the eye, get much play from females of all types. Well, just about all types. The sisters who have their own and are looking for a man to compliment them and not take care of them won’t be as moved by a man with fame and riches. They need more than that to be satisfied. Sadly, the attention that they get from these females can make giving up their lives as bachelors a hard thing to do.

It’s a shame that these men can’t seem to get to the point where they can give a woman their last name, more importantly, keep it that way. Yes, they lead very hectic lives and may not have as much time on their hands to give their undivided attention to a spouse, but that doesn’t mean that marrying someone is not something that is well worth thinking about, especially for the “Diddy’s” and “Lil’ Wayne’s” of the industry who have damn near a village of children to account for.

Holding on to the bachelor life gets pretty played out after awhile. Don’t let the flashy music videos and parties full of half naked women fool you. Deep down inside, I think that a lot of these rappers, actors and ball players want to find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Because the truth of the matter is, despite what level of success you have reached or how many dollar signs are behind your name, everyone, celebrity or not, wants to find love. But until they get serious about finding it, these men will now and forever be eligible bachelors, still searching for love in all the wrong places or dodging a good thing that is staring them straight in the face.

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  1. I think those men are so addicted to the fast life that they see being in a monogamous relationship as a downgrade–something that slows them down.They're so used to looking for the next big thing: the hottest car, the most stylish clothes, and the sexiest woman just so they can have bragging rights and say that they have it or had it at one point. It's about status, and marriage is a status of its own that comes with a new set of responsibilities. Celebrity status and marital status can become like oil and water–the two don't mix very well.

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