Editor’s Beauty Picks of the Month: Milani Lip Flash, Nars Blush, and Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Gorgeous lip pencils with vibrant color and shimmer, Nars blush gorgeous enough for day wear and after hours, and an Urban Decay legend is back for the third time, and breaking hearts along the way.

By: Amanda Anderson
Milani Lip Flash
Vibrant colors are essential to an amazing lip, but one can’t help but fall in love with a pencil that manages to combine perfect moisture with gorgeous colors. With Milani Lip Flash, it’s the combination of a lifetime.
Available in 8 beautiful colors, these Milani lip must haves are practically lipstick and lip gloss wrapped in one pencil. Opaque like a lipstick, and glossy like your favorite lip gloss, I can’t imagine how any beauty addict can manage without these pencils in her beauty stash.
These pencils are available at your local drug store, for around $6.99 each.
Nars Blush: Deep Throat And Angelika
Nars is responsible for the legendary Orgasm blush, but they are back again with 2 amazing shades that will work fabulously for the woman of color seeking gorgeous cheeks in the colder months. 
Deep Throat is a luxurious peach with sexy shimmer, and perfect for those looking to achieve an amazing glow. 
Angelika is bold, sexy, flirty and fun as a pink with silver shimmer. It has to be the perfect blush for a night on the town with girlfriends. It’s feisty and I just love it.
These blushes aren’t exactly your drug store brand, so expect to dish out $26 each for these.
Urban Decay: Book of Shadows Vol. III
I adore this palette, and I recommend it for every woman of color. Urban Decay is known for it’s gorgeous and extremely pigmented hues, but it has to be one of the most women of color friendly cosmetic lines I’ve seen in quite some time. And when they put a collection together, it doesn’t take long before it sells out. And that’s usually because they always manage to put together a set of amazing colors that no woman can live without.
Book of Shadows Vol. III is no exception, as the palette contains gorgeous purples, jeweled tone greens, extraordinary golds, and vivid blues and nudes you can truly appreciate. The palette comes with 16 eye shadows. If you’re bored from traditional nudes and metallics, this is a must have,
Urban Decay isn’t cheap but it’s not the most expensive, and you can get this beauty for $54.

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