The True Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas is about more than just gift giving and good eating.

By: Taren Vaughan

Christmas time is here once again. And everyone is flooding the malls to find the perfect gifts for their family members and friends. The thrill of opening gifts first thing on Christmas Day usually dies down for most of us after we become adults. That doesn’t mean that our desire to purchase gifts goes out the window as well. We always seem to find joy in seeing the look on people’s faces after they have opened their presents.

As it is true that Christmas does serve as a special time of the year for us to go out and buy presents for each other and enjoy home cooked holiday meals with loved ones, some of us tend to lose sight of the true meaning behind the whole celebration. And that is the birth of Jesus Christ. Just like we hold our birthdays in such high regard is the same way that we should hold his. His birth is significant in so many ways that it should always be remembered and never overlooked. Christmas is not about going broke, trying to buy every single thing on your children’s Christmas lists. It’s about the son of Joseph and Mary and his entrance into this world.

No one is saying not to give presents on Christmas Day. After all, The Three Wise Men gave Mary and Joseph gifts on their visit to see the Baby Jesus. So giving presents is not a bad thing to do at all. It’s when we totally forget that we have bills to pay and houses to maintain and we spend crazy amounts of money for things that people will outgrow or get tired of playing with by the time next Christmas rolls around again. That’s where the issue lies.

As we spend hundreds and sometimes thousands, of dollars on expensive Christmas gifts, we slowly but surely start to forget about what Christmas is all about. It is not a time for us to blow all of our savings on toys and clothes for our children. It’s a time to celebrate Jesus Christ and what he means to us. There’s no need to be a scrooge or a complete tight wad when it comes to buying nice things and celebrating the day with your families, sitting around opening gifts. Just keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas while you are doing so.

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