49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary Gets The Axe Before The New Year

By: Taren Vaughan

After taking his position as head coach, Mike Singletary was on a mission. And that was to bring some life back to a team that was known for making Super Bowl runs and appearances for many years. But after a short two year run with the team, San Francisco kindly showed Singletary the door.

The former head coach of the San Francisco 49ers has recently been given the boot by the California based franchise after delivering a disappointing 5-10 season. Mind you, this 49er squad was predicted to be one of the best in the NFC West. Correction, they were expected to win the entire conference. So much for that theory, as San Francisco finished with one of the worst records in the entire league. And ended coach-less might I add.

Even though his victories with the team were few and far between, team CEO Jed York didn’t come down too hard on Singletary as he had some uplifting words for the Hall of Fame linebacker and his efforts with the 49ers:

“I want to thank Mike Singletary for the passion and effort that he brought to this organization,” “He is a tremendous person for whom I will always have great respect.”

Mike Singletary once proclaimed that he wanted “winners”. Too bad he couldn’t produce enough of them himself to hold on to his job. This sparks an interesting question though: Is it always that coaches can’t do their jobs? Or is it that they don’t have quality players to work with? Just a little food for thought.

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