Tucker Said Take Vick Out Of The Game, Literally: Do You Agree?

By: Taren Vaughan

It’s been several months since NFL superstar Michael Vick was released from prison after serving time for participating in a dog fighting fiasco that drew major headlines across the nation. And from what we can see, it appears that he has learned his lesson. His athletic performance has been on point since he joined the Philadelphia Eagles squad, even taking over Kevin Kolb’s position as the team’s starting quarterback. But yet, people still can’t help but to voice their opinions about the kind of punishment that he should have received for involving himself in such brutal treatment of, ironically, “Man’s Best Friend”. As the suggestions as to what should have been done to Vick for his “unruly behavior” have been of abundance, one made by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the rest:

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances,” “But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should’ve been executed for that. He wasn’t, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs?”

So sending him to jail wasn’t good enough for you huh Mr. Carlson? Let’s just go ahead and end his life why don’t we? And it’s safe to assume that he is not too fond of President Obama for not siding with him on holding on to pure hatred towards Vick? Is this man serious? Now I don’t speak for all Christians but I’m sure that some of them probably think this comment of his is pretty ridiculous.

Even after a public apology, serving jail time and being constantly chastised by fans and critics, Vick just can’t seem to keep people of his back. People act like serving jail time is the equivalent of going on a luxurious vacation. The last time I checked, a prison cell is a far cry from a million dollar mansion. Spending long nights behind bars, confined to a cell not even a fraction of the size of one of his bedrooms and essentially shunned away from the outside world seemed to have straightened Vick out from what I can tell. So why is there all this talk of execution? Why do people want to see him suffer as much as humanly possible?

As Carlson’s statement may be shocking to some, quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me not one bit. We have to understand what kind of society we are living in here. It’s one where people treat their animals like human beings, if not better. On the other hand, members of our society have a tendency to base their reactions or feelings towards a person found guilty on race. Yes, I went there because hell, it’s the truth.

In no way, shape, form or fashion am I condoning Vick’s actions. I do think he should have been punished for what he did in some sort of way just like anyone else would. But executing him for dog fighting? I love animals myself but uh, that’s a bit much don’t you think?

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  1. I don't condone his actions either but is it not interesting that the same dogs he was fighting are the exact ones certain apartment complexes won't allow residents to have, and many animal shelters will PUT TO SLEEP if brought to their facility? Does this excuse his behavior? Not at all. But what/who exactly are those against Michael Vick attempting to avenge? In various cities within American these dogs are being put to sleep just because of their breed regardless of if they're in perfect health and good behavior….Where is PETA?! Folks have this life twisted…….

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