Epic Fail of the Week: Kanye’s Monster Video Is Far From Art, Swinging Corpses And All

So this is what we’ve been waiting on ‘Ye? Swinging corpses, severed heads, and the return of the grill? Oh my bad, this is art. Right…
By: Amanda Anderson
This is bigger than the Illuminati. Let’s make that clear now. I am not Illuminati obsessed, but I am a believer in God, and a follower of Christ. Nope, I’m not perfect, I don’t read the Bible everyday (I do read it often), but I do work diligently to portray what I believe and practice what I preach. Besides my religious beliefs, I am an intelligent woman, who doesn’t feel the need to think like everyone else on pop cultural matters. For that reason, I’ve been labeled a hater numerous times, when in all actuality, besides the money, I can’t see a reason on Earth to want to trade lives with any of these celebrities. I guess it’s easier to label a person as hating when you’re not smart enough to prove that they may actually have a point you don’t want to consider, because you’d rather stay ignorant..by choice. And after watching this first draft of Kanye’s Monster video, it’s been made even more clear just why I don’t have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood. Simply put, I couldn’t sell my soul for millions. Sorry, but there’s not enough money in the world to make me turn my back on God, or support anyone who has. And Obviously, ‘Ye’s soul has had a price tag on it since his Mother’s passing. 
But first, let’s talk about the video, and just what the root of my problem with it is.
The intro of the video sets the tone. Within the first few seconds, the viewer is subjected to hanging corpses of deceased women. Kanye is seen on this particular scene calm and unphased by these swinging corpses. A monster like woman begins to scream, and then the music cues, and we are subjected to plenty of scenes with Ye’ posing with corpses in his king sized bed, ‘Ye holding a severed head, Jay Z rapping swagiliciously while a twisted corpse lays on a couch right behind him, and Nicki Minaj plays with the idea of cutting off the head of her split Barbie persona that has landed her to fame.
Now many will say that the video fits the song, for it was resembling of a horror film, but I can’t get past the fact that swinging corpses made of the majority of the music video.
And because it made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, I’ve been labeled as a close minded Bible thumper who lacks the eye for real art?
Are these mindless stans serious?
Nicki Minaj was the only artist who didn’t go all the way, and create a bloody and gruesome scene during her rap verse. It’s as if Nicki realizes the age of her large cult following of barbies, and refused to risk her image for an overhyped Kanye West video that may not even make it to BET or MTV.
Smart girl.
However, Kanye has pushed the envelope so much I can’t even recognize him. There was nothing creative or artistic about throwing some dead bodies on a couch or frolicking with dead white chicks in the bed while Ye’ dryly raps his verses, and Jay Z wears a suit attempting to look grown up, while rapping childlike lyrics.
And what was so creative about swinging corpses?
My bigger question is, why is the majority of his fans not offended by any of this?

It seems as if Kanye’s fans were just as unphased by the dark images, just as he was. We worship these celebrities so much, we have become as mindless as they have. And just like them, fans have now labeled the conscious minded as close minded. All because we don’t want acknowledge what we have been shown.
This man had a severed head in his hand, and yet it’s folks like me who have a problem for thinking this was a bit too much?
How is it I who has the problem, when they can’t even discern evil from art? 
Why have we allowed society to desensitize us so much that we can’t distinguish evil from art?
They point their fingers at the Bible thumpers, but maybe if they read the Bible, they’d be able to decipher evil from creativity.
Maybe if they sought God more than they sought a Kanye and Jay Z music video, they too would flinch when they hear Jay Z state that, “Jesus can’t save you and life begins when the church ends.”
An individual that not only believes, but serves God would not create a music video full of swinging corpses and severed heads.
He also wouldn’t throw shots at Jesus, and make jokes out of serious accusations regarding his spirituality.
What believer do you know that plays around with God?
What’s worse, is that many of you have become sheep who can’t even acknowledge that you’ve been bamboozled, all while complaining that Nicki Minaj should have cut off her alter ego’s head…and I ask you again, what have you become?
If Kanye has you praising him for holding severed heads in his latest music video, I can only imagine what else he will have you praising. He could very well lead you to gates of Hell, but you’ll be naive enough to call it art. But we never said the Devil wasn’t clever…in fact, he’s so clever, he has most of you chasing after money and forsaking the church. 
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of Kanye’s blatant obsession with demonic symbolism  and dark music videos with hidden messages.
I love God, and I’m not afraid to say it. Funny things is, I haven’t seen a hint of Him in anything since Kanye’s Jesus Walks.
But then again, maybe I’m just too close minded to see past demonic illusions to see art.
The question is not rather or not the Illuminati exists, but rather why can’t you discern evil? It’s usually because we become the one thing we have a hard time seeing.
I never have to see this music video again. Epic fail.


  1. This video was absolutely evil. And what's really sad is so many people are praising Kanye for his darkness. As "believers," shouldn't we know better? I believe the Illuminati is real, and I also believe you made a great point that the bigger issue is so many Christians can't even discern evil from art or good anymore. They watch Jay Z bash Jesus, and still listen to his music. We are living in our last days, and most people have no idea that it is music that will lead most people to Hell. Wasn't Satan the angel of music in Heaven? Hmm…

  2. This site is such a breath of fresh air! Every blog I have been to is praising Kanye for this dark ass video. I understand he has a lot of fans, but when do we come to the point where we can see past our adoration of a celebrity when they are forcing demonic symbols down our throats?

  3. Thank you for having the courage to speak up on this blog. Our music has gotten totally out of order, but most don't even see it.

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